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What I'll Be Sharing at IBM THINK 2018

IBM THINK 2018 is only a half-dozen weeks away, the largest gathering of technology, business, and development in the entire IBM ecosystem. It’s a mashup of shows like Interconnect, Amplify, Vision, and World of Watson and promises to bring hundreds of thousands of our data-minded tribe to Las Vegas.

I’ll be speaking at THINK at three different sessions. On Sunday, March 18 at the IBM Champion event, I’ll be sharing ideas for how technologists should build their personal brands and market themselves in today’s noisy environment. We’ll culminate with a brand new talk I’ve built called “Turning Your LinkedIn Profile to 11”, in which we’ll cover:

  • Profile updates – what should and shouldn’t be there
  • Recommendations – obtaining testimonials for your profile
  • Endorsements – what good are they?
  • Posts – how often, what, when
  • Articles – going long-form, knowing what your tribe wants
  • Media – publishing rich media
  • Sync – building leverage and attention arbitrage between networks
  • Networking – make friends, influence people
  • Groups – finding your tribe
  • Mobile – what’s useful, what’s not
  • Analytics – how to measure your personal branding success

I’ll be sharing these ideas more broadly at THINK Academy on Monday, March 19 at 11 AM Pacific, so if you’re at THINK but not an IBM Champion, you can catch personal branding tips at THINK Academy.

On Wednesday, March 21, I’ll be speaking at the THINK Tank at 11:30 AM Pacific with a brand-new talk titled “Inevitable Disruption, Avoidable Failure”:


We’ll be looking at predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and building rapid understanding from data using tools like IBM Watson Explorer and IBM Watson Analytics. The emphasis will be on using AI and machine learning as a GPS to navigate disruption in every industry. AI will help us find the next wave to surf, rather than drown in the tidal wave of change that’s coming.

If you won’t be at THINK, don’t worry. Throughout the year, we’ll revisit these topics together; the LinkedIn talk will become a webinar at some point, and I’ve no doubt we’ll do a webcast of the disruption talk with IBM down the road. To make sure you’re notified when they’re available, subscribe to my free weekly newsletter.

If you’d like to be at THINK, register with CHAMP100 for $100 off the registration fee.

I hope to see you there. If you’ll be at THINK, follow me on Twitter and then come find me to say hello in person.

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