How to Get Your Next Marketing Job

Ishmael asked,

… I see people with no experience get jobs at the top agencies whereas I am struggling. For example, recently I got denied a job due to the fact that I wore a suit and the agency didn’t like that. Do you have an advice as to how I should approach interviews and present myself? “

The process of interviewing for a position is nothing short of a sales career with the most valuable product in the world to you : yourself.

How To Get Your Next Marketing Job

In this 30 minute video, I’ll walk you through how to apply Stephen Covey’s Trust Matrix (from his book Speed of Trust) to your career search, hitting on these key points:

How To Get Your Next Marketing Job

Getting the job is about building a relationship and establishing trust

  • The hiring manager is afraid of making a bad decision
  • Like any purchase, we want to establish that the product is a good fit

Proving Trust


  • Integrity
    • Caring
      • Empathy
    • Transparency
      • Visible truth
    • Courage
      • Willingness to be bold
  • Intent
    • Honesty
      • Disclosing weaknesses truthfully
    • Fairness
      • Demonstrating equality and diversity of thought
    • Authenticity
      • Alignment with company values


  • Capabilities
    • Skills
      • Certifications
    • Knowledge
      • Appropriate use of industry language
    • Experience
      • Examples
  • Results
    • Record
      • Past results
    • Credibility
      • Endorsements and recommendations
    • Performance

Account for biases

  • Social media profiles show appearances
  • Conscious or not, it’s business Tinder

Good luck to you, Ishmael, and to everyone looking to land that next marketing job.

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