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I had a chance recently to roll out my first set of LinkedIn Sponsored Posts. The setup process was incredibly easy but more detailed than what you typically do with a Facebook Sponsored Post – you select the update you want to sponsor (you can do them in bulk), set your budget, and then set your targeting.

What impresses about the Sponsored Posts interface? For one thing, they tell you how closely the ad audience matches your targeting, which is very useful (and makes it easy to refine your targeting for future ads):

LinkedIn Ads: Manage Ads - Ad Details - Webinar Sponsored

All of that is well and good, but here’s the real meat and potatoes. Look at the Clickthrough Rates:

Microsoft Excel

For the same time period, the click through rates (CTR) on standard pay per click ads on LinkedIn achieved a 3% CTR. The sponsored posts landed a 53% rate for the same offer, just in a sponsored post format.

And then look at the Cost Per Click:

Microsoft Excel

For the same time period, the cost per click (CPC) on standard pay per click ads on LinkedIn was 18.69 per click, while the sponsored post was a mere5.01 per click, a savings of 73% for every dollar spent on advertising.

The evidence from this trial suggests very strongly that you should give LinkedIn Sponsored Posts a try for your social media promotions and see if it performs as well for you!

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