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For the longest time, I just sort of gave Facebook a miss. Of course, I posted stuff on there, but it was via my personal account. Yet even with near-total neglect, my Facebook Page is starting to pants my Google+ efforts, as I wrote about yesterday. So I’m changing things up a bit to give Facebook a bit more of a push. Here’s the current plan.

First, I checked to see when I was already receiving the most visitors from Facebook to my blog. I created a custom Google Analytics report that broke out times of day for me and got a reasonably good estimate. For those of you who are premium subscribers to my newsletter, you’ll get a copy of this report that you can install into your own Google Analytics accounts in this week’s newsletter.

Google Analytics

Turns out that the morning is generally when folks stop by from Facebook, so I’ll be using Buffer to queue up content for that period of time. Since Facebook is a long-form content network, I’ll also be using the Google+ versions of #the5 on there to see if that spurs additional discussion and commentary.

I’ll be sharing more stuff as I figure out for myself what’s most effective and what’s not. For now, I’m looking at what content on my site is most popular with the Facebook crowd, and a lot of it is the how-to stuff. (Google Analytics will tell you this, just create a custom traffic segment for Facebook) That’ll be another testing point to see if that’s true or not.

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Because my Facebook Page is more or less a personality page, as opposed to a corporation or a product, I don’t plan on running any contests, coupons, PPC ads, or promotions just yet, though I’d certainly love to hear if you are doing that for a personality-based page with any level of success.

What’s working for you on your Facebook Page that I should add to my list of things to test out? What hasn’t worked? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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