It’s no secret that I read a great deal. The first hour or so of every workday (the quiet time before other SHIFT employees arrive) is spent reading, researching, learning, whether it’s social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, or just what’s new and notable.

Using the hashtag #the5, I’ll let you know about 5 things that caught my eye in the morning news. It might be marketing, search, social media, amusing silly fun, or heck, even big World of Warcraft news. Whatever’s interesting and of note in the morning reading, it’ll get tagged #the5.

Obviously, this would be a great deal more interesting if you participated, too. Yes, there’s Google+. Yes, there’s all different ways of sharing stuff. #the5 is just a more casual way of doing it, and it’s focused on the start of the workday, interesting things that catch your mind and eye before the day gets busy. It might be a photo, a tweet, a video, whatever.

I look forward to seeing what catches your eye as you start your day.

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