Seattle Trip 2010 Day 6

If you want a viable long-term social media strategy, there’s one that is nearly foolproof: be your own customer. This has been phrased in many, many ways, such as eat your own dog food, etc., and for good reason: it’s true. Despite being true, however, we rarely do it.

More important, we have to expand this idea from just the product or service that you’re marketing to everything that you’re doing with your social media marketing. Think of your marketing as a service unto itself, a service that adds value to the salable goods or services you’re promoting. In that light, is your social media marketing a valuable service?

Ask yourself this: how often do you go back to check your own blog for something you wrote previously? One could argue that this is just a symptom of a variety of attention deficit issues, but it’s also a sign that you’ve stored valuable information on your blog. If you never go back to reference your own blog for yourself, it might not be valuable enough.

The same is true for your social media channels. I store links and URLs on my Facebook page in order to archive them somewhere for reference when I publish my weekly newsletter. I am my own customer – I go there to remember what I published. How often do you check your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+? Never? Your content in social media might not be valuable.

Much has been made of influence scores and retweet/share metrics, but the simplest metric of all is to look at your own behavior. If you never go back to look at your own stuff, if you find no value in what you publish, chances are that no one else does, either. Start repairing your social media marketing by publishing things that are of value to you, and you’ll automatically be publishing things that are of value to others.

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