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When was the last time you heard a really great speaker?

When was the last time you read a really insightful blog post?

When was the last time you acted on a follow recommendation on Twitter or a LinkedIn connection?

I’d bet recently. The beauty of social media is that there’s an infinite choice of people to interact with and some of them are really, really worth your time. Insightful, witty, funny, amazing, smart, beautiful, whatever you want to describe them as, you’re swimming in a knowledge pool with thousands of these kinds of people.

When was the last time that any of these people who you got or gave accolades to in the moment impressed you so much that you were willing to take an extra 30 seconds to click through or Google them, find their blog, and subscribe to it?

I’d wager it’s been a while. For some of you, it’s been a long while.

Here’s why this is important: you’ll lose touch otherwise. The curse of social media is that there’s so much to pay attention to – even legitimate, good quality stuff – that you lose good people in the noise. You’ve had this experience – someone’s name will pop up in your Facebook birthday reminders or a passing mention in Twitter and you’ll kick yourself for forgetting that person existed…

… and in the meantime, you’ve lost the benefit of whatever they were sharing during that period. Sure, you can always catch up, but if they’re really valuable, then your competitors have been reading and taking advantage of their ideas the whole time, putting you behind the curve.

If someone really impresses, subscribe to their blog. Take that extra 15-30 seconds to copy and paste to Google Reader. Keep them on your mental radar screen so that you can continue to benefit from their shared knowledge.

Did you enjoy this blog post? If so, please subscribe right now!

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