You Ask, I Answer: Which Generative AI Tools to Use?

You Ask, I Answer: Which Generative AI Tools to Use?

In today’s episode, I compare the strengths of ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Claude. While Claude generates higher quality text, ChatGPT excels at tasks like data analysis. For real-time answers, search-based models like Bing avoid AI hallucinations. Join me as I demo tools to match your use case – from writing to coding and beyond.

You Ask, I Answer: Which Generative AI Tools to Use?

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Today’s episode of you ask I answer was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the digital now conference in Denver, Colorado, in November 2023.

The session title was appropriately you ask I answer live generative AI q&a.



I’m wondering if you could just because I’ve heard a lot of discussions around Claude chat, GPT specifically, and I’m wondering if you could have been alluding to it, but if you could speak more directly to what are the strengths of chat GPT and Claude? How would you differentiate them? Just in summary? This is from the this morning.

This is so yeah, they you can get you can download the whole thing.

Chat GPT.

So this is interesting.

One of anthropics engineers actually just did a YouTube talking about the differences in the underlying architecture.

Fundamentally, Claude seems to need more examples.

But it’s a better writer.

Like it seems to be a better writer.

It is terrible at data analysis.

It can’t count for squat.

It can’t even add like a for whatever reason, the way they architected their model, it seems to be very much a just a literary style model.

The GPT for model itself is under the hood.

There’s a lot of debate about this.

This speculation is and seems to be true that it’s not one model.

It’s an ensemble of eight or nine different sub models.

And then there’s what’s called a hypervisor upfront that takes the query incoming says, I’m going to route this, hey, this looks like this should go to this chain of models.

Because about gosh, seven or eight months ago, everyone noticed that GPT for changed a it got a lot faster.

But B, the quality kind of went out the window for certain types of queries.

And we think at that point, they have now a blend of different models under the hood that are routed that you route queries, and it takes a lot more finesse and more examples for the router to figure out where things go.

But for there’s some things it does like the advanced data analysis, there’s no other tool like it like that is the only tool to use because it is so damn good.

If you’ve not seen the advanced data analysis tool, assuming we can get it working.

Go to this is in the paid version only which is 20 bucks a month.

It’s worth it give up a Starbucks for good advanced data analysis.

And then let’s take I need where am I up as client stuff don’t want to show that on screen.

Let’s look at my data.

Where is hrefs backlinks? Let’s go to me.

And let’s find a small file because these are some really gigantic files.

So this is you are an SEO expert, you know, inbound links, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, Google algorithm changes, Google search console.

Your first task is to examine this export file from the address SEO tool of where my back links are coming from.

The goal is to develop a link building strategy that delivers high quality links consistently.

Do you have any questions before we begin by the way that is a magic sentence in your prompts.

Do you have any questions? It will say like, what are you trying to do? Again, this is the chat and chat GPT.

You don’t have to have the perfect prompt.

You can say what questions you have for me.

I have here was the main objective my website one, my website needs to attract subscribers for my newsletter.

My target audience target audience is business executives and marketing executives.

What types of content do I have on my website? Mostly blog posts and videos.

Do I have any specific competitors? Everyone.

Five, do you have any existing relationships? Yes, I have a small network of friends.

I’m pretty lonely.

And what the advanced data analysis tool does that no other tool right now on the market does is it will start to, if it doesn’t go on vacation, it will start to write code to process the data file, show you the code it’s writing, execute the code, and then it will let you download the code and download the results.

Let’s see, thanks for providing more context, content creation, guest posting, influencer outreach.

Am I in ADA? Yeah, I am in ADA.

But that’s one of those tools that there’s nothing else like it on the market right now.

So this alone is worth 20 bucks a month because you can take any data file that you have that as long as it’s not sensitive data and put it through here.

So I put my Google Search Console data in here, I put my Google Analytics data in here, and I say, “Tell me what happened this month,” because sometimes I don’t want to go through the work.

So here, let’s see, so it’s now generating this Python code.

And the nice thing about this Python code is I can copy and paste this into a file on my computer, and I can run it separately.

I don’t have to use chat GPT again if I don’t want to.

So it’s going to do its thing.

You can see here, it wrote bad code, and now it’s going to fix its own mistakes.

So that’s pretty remarkable.

For writing code, chat GPT’s code is better than everyone else’s right now except code llama for Python.

And again, for real time information, Bing and BARD don’t use models for that.

But that’s sort of the lay of landscape for this stuff.

Now, for other specific tools, like transcription, there’s the Whisperer model that’s not on here, because that’s more advanced.

But there are different tooling for different use cases.

I have a bias, I lean towards things I can do myself, A, because I’m a nerd and B, because I’m cheap.

But there are also plenty of vendors that will do all these things for reassuringly expensive amounts of money.

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