You Ask, I Answer: Generative AI Impact on Paid Search?

You Ask, I Answer: Generative AI Impact on Paid Search?

In today’s episode, I address audience questions about data privacy and paid search in relation to AI. We discuss settings that allow opting out of training datasets and examine emerging ad models like Bing. As AI takes up more search real estate, paid listings become crucial for visibility. Join me as we explore the intersection of generative AI, privacy controls, and the future of paid search.

You Ask, I Answer: Generative AI Impact on Paid Search?

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Today’s episode of you ask I answer was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the digital now conference in Denver, Colorado, in November 2023.

The session title was appropriately you ask I answer live generative AI q&a.


So for these tools, I think this morning you mentioned if you’re not paying for the tool, you are the product.


Is the play basic assumption or I guess the question might be if you want to use these tools and you didn’t want to unnecessarily have your data be part of the training, universal training set is the paid version or something you explicitly have to sort of say, okay, I want to use chat GPT, I’m going to pay the premium version, do not vacuum.

So at least in chat GPT, there’s actually a setting in data controls says you can turn off chat history.

And it says at that point, the data will not be stored in our models in the paid version that’s not available in the free version.

And throwback I have not paid for the anthropic free paid version yet because I haven’t had a need to yet.

But I would imagine there’s some controls.

And then as we saw in Courtney’s presentation at the Azure stack has all those controls built into the Azure your Azure account.

And that I feel like that I think that’s pay as you go.

So like it scales with usage, just like the open AI APIs is pay as you go.

So you only get charged for what you use.

Other questions? In the back there.

So in the free version of chat GPT, it absolutely is used for it’s called reinforcement learning human feedback.

So they use that for training runs.

For the advanced features, as far as I know, if you check off the control in the main setting, that is globally applicable to all of the services from within chat GPT, as far as I know.

So there seems to be a lot of confusion coming out of open AI about whether or not in advanced edge algorithms it’s stored because the context window works a little bit differently.

And I think the control disappears when you pick advanced data analytics, but you can probably check that.

Yeah, because I’m in ADA right now.

And it’s it is available.


So yeah, it seems to change week by week.

So maybe now it’s working and you can forget myself and answer the question.

Well, it’s a valid question.

It’s one of those things that it is our obligation as users to investigate the privacy policies and say like, what are you doing with my data? I think with advanced analytics in specific, it’s also spinning up a virtual environment, a Python virtual environment, and that may or may not persist because of the nature of virtual machines and stuff.

So that I mean, yeah, that’s a totally different architecture that they built and kind of bolted on to the main GPT-4.

Other questions? Google likes making money.


How do you see, you had some very salient points in regards to natural search, you know, big drops.

So question one, do you have any empirical data on what’s happening to paid search? And how do you view the Venn diagram of Google’s natural pay and AI results? We don’t have any examples yet in search generative experiments of the deployment of ads.

But we can see that in Bing.

So Bing has paid ads within the GPT-4 results.

And you can see like, hey, this isn’t, and they market this as an ad, but this is something you might want to check out as part of it.

It’s actually very compelling because it’s written in the same voice.

You get that nice, slightly cheerful, sunny, you know, GPT-4 like, hey, this is also a thing you might want to look at.

And it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

With Google itself.

Google has said for years that paid search and natural search are separate.

And then it turns out about a month ago in court, under oath, they said, actually, that’s not true.

Paid search absolutely impacts organic search.

So you obviously should be paying to do better in organic search.

And this is a problem that we all face, but especially smaller organizations.

As search generative experiments become the default part of Google’s search experience, which they supposedly slated for the end of the year.

Maybe, maybe not.

The real estate that search generative experiments takes up means that you will have to pay for search listings because you will simply otherwise not be visible.

When you go into a result, let’s, oh, I have to go via my personal profile because it’s not enabled here.

Let’s go to what’s a good recipe for guacamole.

So generate.


So you don’t need the aunt’s mother’s 28 cousins, roommates thing.

So here’s some basic recipes identifies some, this takes up a enormous amount of screen real estate.

Right? So there will be ads probably up there and that’s most people are going to stop there.

Most people who are in curious, like I got the answer.

Um, and there’s a recipe here.

Uh, how long should I cook a steak for medium rare? This one, it didn’t even ask me if I wanted to result.

It just did it.


And so cook a steak, medium rare, see it or grill.

There’s my instructions, no backstory and stuff.

Um, and then a couple of results and that’s it.

So yeah, we’re going to pay.

All right.

So that concludes our, you ask, I answer.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me, um, or you can do the whole social network thing and stuff too, but feel free to email me if you have stuff and I’m going to be hanging around for the remainder of the day.

But thank you very much.

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