2022 Rewind: Choosing the Right KPIs for Your Business with Appfire

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2022 Rewind: Choosing the Right KPIs for Your Business with Appfire

This year, I had the chance to sit down with Kerry Gorgone of Appfire. Here’s what we chatted about:

"How do I choose the right KPIs for my business team?" The BEST Work Management Show by Appfire

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The Needle Point: Using KPIs To Guide Your Business Success

  • I recently had the chance to talk with Christopher Penn, a Chief Data Scientist and authority on analytics digital marketing, marketing technology and AI.
  • We discussed key performance indicators (KPIs) in relation to business teams and how to choose the right ones for success.
  • The KPIs should usually be related to what your boss gets their bonus from or what you get your bonus from if you don’t know then it may be time for an update!
  • To find out which metrics will work best, use regression analysis or decision trees combined with data surrounding key outcomes such as revenue or employee retention rate in order to figure out which are the most statistically relevant numbers correlated with that outcome that we care about.
  • KPIs must also have some form of control over them in order for us to manipulate progress positively choosing those without manipulation capabilities is not recommended!
  • Finally, when it comes down do it, choose KPIs that can effectively move the needle one way: up!

Data Analysis: Thinking Beyond The Numbers

  • To draw meaningful conclusions from data, it’s not enough to just look at the numbers you have to think critically and test your hypothesis.
  • Correlation is not necessarily causation: two numbers may seem related but in reality be unrelated.
  • When testing a hypothesis, consider the KPI or outcome that you want to measure, then adjust your inputs and observe how this shifts the KPI.
  • For certain KPIs such as employee retention where direct testing might not be possible, retroactive A/B testing can help infer whether changes had an impact.
  • If teams don’t have the skills or resources available in house for statistical analysis, it can help to bring different departments together with a collaboration mindset even with something like beer!

Data Math: Powering Up Your Business

  • Before getting into any data math, it’s important to consider the purpose of what is being done and how it might benefit the organization.
  • When considering people involved, think about their skillsets and if they need support from additional agencies or partners.
  • Also take a look at processes currently in place for gathering and analyzing data to determine which can be reused versus what needs improvement.
  • Finally, you’ll implemented planned changes based on the purpose, people involved and processes in order to build an internal model that adds value to your company.

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