You Ask, I Answer: SEO Value Added Service Offerings?

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You Ask, I Answer: SEO Value Added Service Offerings?

Luca asks, “I’ve been doing SEO for about 8 months now and I have a few clients that I service. My question is what avenues or skills (related to SEO, like web development) should I invest time in to increase my skill base and what could i potentially do to create more value out of my services?”

SEO is mainly about creating great content and getting people to pay attention to it. This can be done through market research, writing and communication skills, design skills, and partnering with companies that have these capabilities. Building a community is the best way to create more value out of your services. This community can be leveraged to generate interest, links, and search volume for your clients.

You Ask, I Answer: SEO Value Added Service Offerings?

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In today’s episode Luca asks, I’ve been doing SEO for about eight months now and I have a few clients that I service.

My question is, what avenues are skills related to SEO? Like web development? Should I invest time and to increase my skill based on what kind of potentially do to create more value out of my services? Here’s, I guess my point of view on this.

SEO is largely now about creating really good content, and then getting people to pay attention to it.

Right? So how do you do this? Well, there’s a couple of different ways the creating great content, that’s market research, that’s having good skills in writing and communication, maybe some design skills, partnering with companies that have those capabilities, and then getting those links and stuff like that.

And creating more value is all about building a community.

Right? If you can garner a good sized mailing list or good size, Discord server, or a good size only fans or whatever the mechanism that you choose to retain a community, then when it comes to value add for SEO, you will be able to leverage that community much more than somebody who’s just randomly pitching cold links, right? If you have 1000 people on your mailing list, and you chat with them, you provide them great value all the time, then, from time to time, you can probably figure out who on that list does what and say, Hey, I just helped a client put up a new free resource on I don’t know, fermented coffee, I’m making that up.

And you know, the five people on your mailing list who are avid coffee aficionados, you can reach out to them say, Hey, I got this new thing from a client, you want to check it out and send them link.

And, you know, say to them, Hey, if you if this is of interest to you, would you mind throwing a link to it on your blog, having a community that most of the time gets value from you and ever so often you can get value back from means that in terms of the things that generate interest that generate links that generate search volume and stuff, you have that as a more reliable resource, right? You don’t have to be that one SEO person, just sending out pitch spam, or running a bot that leaves stupid comments on people’s blogs or the random pitches in people’s LinkedIn inboxes.

Nobody likes us.

And very few people respond to them.

I mean, enough people respond that it’s obviously a tactic that still works.

But if you don’t like the stress of that, if you don’t like the high variability of those results, spend some time building up your community.

Spend some time diversifying your communities get people who are B2B, who are B2C, government, military, people who are in retail and finance and fashion and accounting.

And that the bigger that audience you have of people that you actually interact with, that you care about, that you provide value to, then when it comes time for any given client, you know, they’ve got something to promote, you’ve got a resource that you can go to right away, and create those links way faster, way faster than a competing SEO agency.

I am astonished at the number of SEO agencies that don’t have some kind of community resource on demand.

I understand why they don’t do it.

They don’t do it, because they’re not.

They’re not seeing the value of those communities.

They don’t understand that.

That is your insurance policy against search algorithms.

But it is a massive blind spot.

It is a massive blind spot in the SEO community.

And it is something that is easily fixed.

Right? I’ll simply fix it simple, not easy.

I remember a while ago, I was doing some link building for a financial services client and a friend of mine ran a fairly decently sized web site and we were having dinner one night and I said I’ll tell you what, I’ll pick up the bill if you stick a link on your site for this thing knowing that it was on target it was It wasn’t just a random pitch it was it would have made sense to link to it and my friends like sure I mean, I’ll keep it up for a year.

And he did he put up the link on the site and we got the credit we got traffic from it actually because again it was it was relevant it was on target.

That kind of relationship building takes time.

Takes a lot of effort.

But it is it is Your Parachute.

Right it is your break glass in case of emergency because getting people’s attention otherwise these days is getting harder and harder.

This this lovely little device here has a such a profound capability to distract us to take our attention away, that as marketers, we’re having a hard time getting everyone’s attention.

So if you have that community of people who are already paying attention to you, because of the value you bring them, then you can leverage that.

So that would be my suggestion for how you can grow, the value that your services provide.

And how you can eventually charge more for those services, right? Because you can say where other agencies can’t, hey, I can get you relevant placements, relevant placements for your products and services, assuming the company has something that you’d want to link to.

And if they don’t, you can also be very selective then with your clients say, Yeah, I’m sorry, I can’t take you as a client, because you have a product that sucks, and no one’s gonna want to link to it.

Right? I remember I worked for this one company where the product was twice the price and half the quality of the nearest competitor, I’m like, Yeah, we’re not doing a link building campaign for SEO, because the only links are gonna get bad reviews.

So let’s, let’s do something else.

And we did.

And the company eventually went out of business, because you can’t run a successful business when you’re twice the price and half the quality of the nearest competitor.

But, but we knew there was no way SEO traditional link building was going to work, because nobody wanted that product.

So that’s my suggestion, build that community.

And by the way, whether or not you own your own firm or whether or not that you work in an another agency, your network, your relationships, your community, that is something that goes with you wherever you go.

And it is an essential resource if you can, if you can build that and carry it with you.

from job to job agency to agency, you will do really well you’ll do much better than your peers.

Having that Network on Demand is it’s golden literally in sales.

It’s called the Golden Rolodex, the person who builds those relationships.

They can generate more results faster than someone of equal skill and equals seniority but without the network.

So good.

That’s a good question.

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