You Ask, I Answer: Rebuilding Social Media Channels?

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You Ask, I Answer: Rebuilding Social Media Channels?

Jamie asks, “How do I rebuild our social media channels, since we’re changing who our target audience is?”

You Ask, I Answer: Rebuilding Social Media Channels?

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Christopher Penn 0:13

In this episode, Jamie asks, How do I rebuild our social channels, since we’re changing who our target audience is.

That’s a relatively tall order.

So there’s a few things you’ll want to do.

Number one, before you go, rebuilding and changing things up, you’ll probably want to do a bit of sort of hand holding of your existing audience saying, Hey, this is who we are what we’re going to be doing, and we’re going to be focusing on right now.

So if this is still applicable to you, we invite you to stick around to see if there’s something new that you might enjoy.

If you again, if it’s of interest, maybe an invite a friend or two to follow us as well.

And if it’s no longer of interest, we’re sorry.

That it won’t be of interest or value to anyone, we hope we get a chance to do business again, in the future, just something that to ease people into the change to say like, Hey, we’re we’re changing our focus here, right? Imagine my company trust going from analytics and management to like baking bread, right? That’d be a pretty big change.

But it would be foolish of us to just burn everything down and say, Okay, let’s just start over and assume that nobody in our audience that likes data, and analytics also likes bread, right? That’s, that’s not a good assumption.

So you want to do that introduction? Then you go through the planning process, right? You go through the planning process to figure out what your new channel is going to be about.

So what’s your goals? What are you trying to achieve? Is it still brand awareness? Is it still lead generation? Whatever it is that your existing goals where your new channels should have those goals documented? You should be thinking about, who is your audience? Who do you want to be following you and engaging with you and paying attention to you.

This is something you want to spend some time on, right? Who is the new audience that you need to attract? And what percentage of your existing audience would fit in your new audience because in those initial early days, when you’re trying to grow your, your following trying to grow your, your fans, you need to have a very clear idea of who that is, who those ideals are.

And, you know, obviously, if you’re in a more complex sale environment, who the other decision makers are that you would want to engage with, then after you’ve got sort of the people sorted out, you need to figure out your your content, what content you’re going to provide, and how quickly you’re going to make that change.

So, for example, if you own a dog, your vet will tell you, hey, when you switch dog foods, take a week to start mixing them together to ease the transition from one dog to the next.

Just don’t throw out the old food and give your dog brand new food because it might not necessarily agree with them.

And you want to know that sooner rather than later.

The same thing is true with social media content, right? If you’re going from podcasting to NF T’s, right? You might want to tease the new content, start to slowly introduce it make it a mix.

That way, you can tell.

Yeah, our audience is going to come with us or No, our audience isn’t right.

If the feedback you’re getting is like no, I don’t, I want to have nothing to do with NF T’s they’re a scam or whatever.

Let’s say yeah, you know, what, we’re gonna run into some substantial headwinds.

And maybe, maybe even changing our channel might not be the right move.

I would hope that’d be something you’d prove with market research first, but you know, cart before the horse and all that.

If you make a change, gradual, you can tell from early feedback, oh, this is not going to go over well, this is this is going to be problematic, or this is going to be great.

People are super eager, based on the feedback you get and looking at your engagement rates and things like that.

That will give you a sense of how how fast or slow to turn that dial to make the transition into your new content.

Christopher Penn 4:17

The other part of audience research that you need to do as you rebuild your social channels is figure out if you’re in the right place, right? If you’re where you need to be if you’re where your audience is.

Suppose that you’re going from, I don’t know coffee to tea, right? And you found in your market research that most of your coffee drinkers are on Facebook, where are the tea drinkers? What if they’re on Tiktok? Right? What if they’re on Instagram? What if they’re on Snapchat, wherever that is, you want to know that and you wanted to, again, start making those transitions, start moving into those spaces and reestablishing yourself rebuilding a social media channel can be as little as touching up some paint, or as drastic as knocking the house down bulldozing and starting over.

But you won’t know, which is the right approach until you do your research into the people, your processes, and the technologies that they’re using, for getting what they want.

And finally, if you’re blowing up your social media channels anyway, and you know that you’ve been lagging behind on best practices for measurement and analytics, it’d be a great time to reboot that a great time to say, You know what, we’ve not done such a great job.

Let’s declare social media amnesty, blow up our channels and start over start with a fresh new set of metrics, start with some new dashboards and things so that we’re focused on what really matters and leaving behind the old measures the measures that people never agreed to say like, Yes, this is a good predictor of intent, or whatever your business objective is, whatever your purpose is, those would be my suggestions, my five steps for rebuilding your social media channels, it’s not something you want to do lightly.

It’s not something that you want to do casually.

You want to plan it out and have multiple points along the way where you can bail out and say, You know what, okay, we heard you loud and clear.

We’re not going to do that.

Or you say, You know what, this is what our brand is.

The mandates came from up on high and we got to do I’m sorry, if it’s not what you’re looking for, but this is what we’ve got to do.

So that’s my suggestions for how to how do we build your social media channels? Good question.

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