You Ask, I Answer: Conference Alternatives for Lead Generation?

Jason asks, “We’ve traditionally relied on trade shows and conferences to generate brand awareness and leads. Even though our conferences are gone, we still need to do lead gen…. what is your plan now? Virtual conferences/webinars?”

The role of a conference really is about establishing brand and credibility in front of a crowd. So, where are the crowds now? Go where the people are. That may mean webinars or virtual summits, sure, but expand your thinking beyond that. This is the perfect time to do some research on where your audience spends its time online – because right now, everyone’s online and some of those habits will stick.

Take the enormous amount of money you would have spent on conference booths and activities and look at:
– Sponsorship of a newsletter for a quarter
– Sponsorship of a podcast for a quarter
– Sponsorship of a video series or channel for a quarter
– Cohosted webinars with a noncompetitive company
– Co-registered whitepapers and ebooks with a noncompetitive company

You Ask, I Answer: Conference Alternatives for Lead Generation?
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