You Ask, I Answer: Mental Wellness, Self-Care, and Marketing in a Pandemic?

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You Ask, I Answer: Mental Wellness, Self-Care, and Marketing in a Pandemic?

Isaac asks, “How are you keeping your mental health afloat right now? With the covid news everywhere, its really hitting me hard. I deeply wish I could stop looking at social media right now, but its my job!”

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Consult a qualified medical professional immediately, especially if you feel unsafe, such as considering self-harm.

I can only tell you what works for me. What I find helpful is staying informed from the most qualified sources. A lot of the regular news media tends to oversimplify, distort, or hype up news, taking accurate information out of context.

Other suggestions: schedule your time on social media rigorously with a timer, so you can fulfill your job requirements.

Use a management tool like Agorapulse (disclosure: partner) to interface with customers so you’re not on the networks themselves.

Set aside mental health breaks – you’re more than allowed to go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

Stay in touch with friends – use your network for support. You’re not alone in this – literally everyone is in the same place.

Find a form of meditation that works for you – everyone is different. Some people need to move, others need to sit, some need to sing, etc.

Finally, suspend your normal rules. This is a highly abnormal situation. As long as you’re obeying quarantine/distancing rules, do what’s fun for you. Bust out those guilty pleasures. Watch that series on Netflix.

You Ask, I Answer: Mental Wellness, Self-Care, and Marketing in a Pandemic?

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In today’s episode, Isaac asks, How are you keeping your mental health afloat right now with the Cova news everywhere it’s really hitting me hard.

I would deeply Wish I could stop looking at social media right now but it’s my job.

You’re not alone.

Full disclaimer first, I am in no way shape or form a qualified medical professional or mental health professional.

If you feel unsafe, please, you know, use the telemedicine option on your insurance or whatever.

please get in touch with a qualified medical professional or qualified mental health professional if you feel unsafe is priority number one is keeping yourself safe.

So that’s it.

I can only tell you what works for me.

What works for me is finding the most credible sources of information and following them.

What you see in the mainstream media is Typically oversimplified it is distorted.

It is a little snip out 10 second sound bites, in some new sources cases, just absolute outright lies.

There’s a lot of hype, and these publications need the eyeballs.

So a lot of accurate information gets taken out of context.

I like to go to rigorously qualified sources like New England Journal of Medicine journal, the American Medical Association, World Health Organization, the Lancet, all the medical publications that have a strong interest in sharing correct information, even if it’s technically dense, even if it’s not thrilling or exciting prose at this point, I don’t want exciting prose I just want to know, as close to accurate information as possible.

Same for following people on social media.

I follow epidemiologists infectious disease spec specialists virologists, anybody who has a qualified perspective and is doing good work and releasing data.

Those are the people I follow because I trust that they are working towards a solution.

They are working towards giving the public as accurate information as possible.

And in a lot of cases, they’re not the ones on news because they’re not media trained, and they’re not.

They’re not people who can communicate in five second sound bites, although some of these concepts take 10 minutes to explain, and that’s okay.

So I like that’s how I stay informed about this.

other suggestions for marketing purposes? Yes, you do have to do your job.

So schedule your time, particularly on social media right now.

Set a timer on your phone or something like that so that you can fulfill your job requirements and do what’s required, but not more than that.

If you don’t have one look at a tool like Agorapulse that’s a social media management tools, you know, social inbox.

That way you can interface with customers or Respond to inquiries, review things and stuff but you don’t have to be on the main network itself where you see your newsfeed I you know it’s on a project coronavirus.

Set aside, mental health breaks, you know you’re allowed to take a break, you’re allowed to go outside for a walk.

Enjoy some sunshine, sometimes the best disinfectant kills viruses like you wouldn’t believe.

Just stay away from other people.

You’re allowed to take a break from meditation, you’re allowed to, you’re working from home, probably.

So go find a quiet corner, wherever it is you live and you sing your favorite song.

But take those breaks as you need them.

Stay in touch with your friends, especially digitally, right? Because that’s where we all are, and use your network for support.

Literally, you’re not alone in this literally every single person is in the exact same situation.

So use your network, right use your connections, use these tools.

For relying on others fire up a video chat.

Now just have coffee with somebody to turn on video chat and you guys can sit down and talk, you just are not doing it in person, you can still see the person’s face and such.

Find a form of meditation that works for you.

A lot of people say meditation, but there are a lot of forms of meditation.

And there’s going to be forms that work for you in forms that don’t some people can are totally good with the, you know, the standard type of sitting meditation, Zen style, meditation, she Conway are sitting quietly breathing, focusing on your breath, other people that drives them up the wall, like they just can’t do it.

There are they’re sitting meditation, there’s moving meditations.

There’s, you know, singing, painting, whatever it is, it gets you in the zone of focusing on something other than the noise in your mind, right.

So you experiment around, figure out what works for you, whatever it is.

That gives you that feeling of I’m focused on one thing only.

And this is the thing, you know, painting, drawing, coloring books, whatever the case is, whatever works for you.

It’s going to take some experimentation, but hey, we got time, right? So find that actually will be a great outcome from this particular situation to be able to figure out what really does work best for you.

And finally, suspend your normal rules, right? This is a highly abnormal situation.

This is a once in a century situation.

As long as you’re obeying the rules that the authorities have set down for you, regarding social distancing and quarantine, do what’s fun for you, you know, have that extra bar chocolate, drink that bottle of wine, maybe not during work hours.

But give yourself the permission to to do stuff a little outside the box right now.

Because it is an unusual situation.

It is a challenging situation for many and You want to be able to give yourself some forgiveness, right? Give yourself some permission.

So keep that in mind.

Again, I’m not a qualified mental health practitioner.

If you feel unsafe, please dial up some help right away.

In case you feel unsafe.

If you have follow up questions, please leave them in the comments box below.

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