You Ask, I Answer: The Best Way to Grow Instagram Followers?

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You Ask, I Answer: The Best Way to Grow Instagram Followers?

Katherine asks, “What is the current best way to grow instagram followers for a client?”

First question: why? What’s the business goal it supports? Chances are no one has thought that through at the client. Followers is only a starting point; there has to be some demonstrable business impact, and other metrics may be more useful. Second, social media, especially in the Facebook ecosystem, is pay for play. Run ads. Third, create mind-blowing, visually-distinctive content that people want to like and comment on.

You Ask, I Answer: The Best Way to Grow Instagram Followers?

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In today’s episode, Catherine asks, What is the current best way to grow Instagram followers for a client? Why? That’s the first question.

The first question asked is clients why what are you trying to do in terms of a business goal? that is meaningful? Chances are no one’s thought that through people default to followers because it’s an easy Gosh, and I have people who follow me.

It’s kind of like, you know, visitors to your website.

Important, right? Because if the number is zero, then you’re not going to have any impact whatsoever, but it’s only the starting point of a program.

There has to be some kind of demonstrable business impact that the platform and the strategy form, right? So if you are, I don’t care what the businesses, let’s say your coffee shop, you want followers on Instagram, why? Unless you’re selling on the platform itself, what you can do, you can do some ecommerce on there.

There’s nothing that is special about Instagram.

That makes it better than any other social network.

And there’s a lot of negatives to it.

But the starting point of those followers is just that.

What are the other metrics that this company that this client wants to pursue? Is it website traffic? Is it lead generation? Is it revenue? What’s the goal? That’s going to dictate to a large extent, what you do on Instagram, for example, if it’s lead generation, you may not need it.

Right, you can just run ads and talk and use Facebook’s very sophisticated ad targeting system.

As long as you have an Instagram business account that’s good enough to get started.

Speaking of which, number two, in the Facebook ecosystem.

Social media in general, especially within Facebook’s properties, is paid for playing.

let’s not kid ourselves.

It is pay for plenty pay to be seen.

So if you want any metric within that ecosystem followers engagement, clicks on things, you can buy it, you just go into the Facebook Business Manager, connect your account and run a bunch of ads run as many ads as you can.

Just at whatever budget the client has given you to grow.

Whatever metric the client cares about most than and I look I totally get it if the client says you fall we will follow it.

You’re like, I don’t know, that’s the best metric.

You can give them all the advice and counsel that you can at the end of the day, they’re still gonna say yes, but I still got followers.

I get it.

I’ve had clients like that, too.

So in order to deliver on what the client is asking you for, you know, so you know, sometimes like, okay, followers, it is huge followers.

Pay for play.

Where you will run into trouble is if the client thinks they can get something for nothing, like, Oh, no, I’m just gonna just do you know, viral organics stuff.

I’m not in the Facebook ecosystem, you might get lucky.

But more often than not, Facebook’s like, nope, you’re going to pay out.

So set that expectation as early as possible in the client relationship.

Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram, audience, network, all that stuff together, is paid for place set aside budget, to advertise.

And as you succeed, you will expect to pay more.

So make sure the client understands that as well.

You’re going to be running ads.

Third, to support the paid activity.

And to provide a reason for people to remember you and come back to you.

You have to create mind blowing content that people want to like and comment on.

So that means creating stuff that is unique and distinct and very, very different than what anyone else can get from any other account.

If you post exactly the same things with a client does that every other competitor in that space posts, there’s absolutely nothing differentiating, there’s absolutely nothing worth commenting on.

And this is a part that’s really really hard because Instagram is a photo and visual platform.

To set yourself apart, you have to be much more creative than the competitors.

You don’t necessarily be higher quality like There are plenty of people that are posting stock art stock photography, yeah, stuff, they got 400, splash or whatever.

It doesn’t set them apart.

It’s high quality.

But like all these algorithms and an algorithm driven world in marketing, the greatest danger you will have, whether it’s social media search, whatever is the expression that Google uses, which is nothing wrong, but nothing special.

Right? That is the death sentence for your marketing, nothing wrong, but nothing special.

You cannot afford to do that.

So advise the client of that last thing the world you want is, if you were to take your Instagram photos and blind them, meaning mix them in with a bunch of other competitors, and put them in a grid or a mosaic could you pick out your photos? Could an audience member, I got your folks could somebody who doesn’t know you pick out your photos? If the answer is no, then your contents not distinctive enough, right? There are only you there are you have to establish essentially a visual style.

And it has to be compelling.

And that’s really, really difficult.

So again, this goes back to the initial question of what is the goal? What is the strategy? What is the client trying to achieve? If all they want is website traffic to their webpage, then run ads with reasonably good visuals that are highly targeted.

And don’t worry about spending a whole lot of time on the Instagram content itself unless you want to be there for some long term organic reason.

One of the top things companies do is they use Instagram as a sort of culture on hiring channel like here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes.

What’s it like to work at this company? And that’s a really good use of it because that is distinctive.

And that gives a very clear purpose to the channel.

And it gives it a theme that when you look at the history of news, you scroll through on Instagram, you can see okay, this is these are the people who work there.

This is what the office looks like things like that that is useful.

But just like random photos, here’s someone taking a picture of a fork, right doesn’t really help.

So that’s the best way to grow Instagram followers for client pay to be paid to be seen pay to play and create great content that is unique and visually distinctive that people want to like and comment on.

That’s it.

I wish there was some super secret easy trick that that worked really well but in in a channel in Facebook ecosystem.

It’s all about the money.

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