You Ask, I Answer: Discarding B2C Email Addresses in B2B Marketing?

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You Ask, I Answer: Discarding B2C Email Addresses in B2B Marketing?

Dennis asks, “I’ve been disqualifying and discarding consumer email addresses like GMail and Hotmail in my marketing automation system. Is this a best practice?”

In a word: no. The reason your prospects do so is probably because they can’t receive certain kinds of emails and attachments at work. Meet them where they are and accept the emails, qualifying them on other, more relevant factors.

You Ask, I Answer: Discarding B2C Email Addresses in B2B Marketing?

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In today’s episode, one of the folks yesterday at the breakfast analytics roundtable siloed said, I think his name was Dennis as b2b marketers, I’ve been disqualifying leads in our, our marketing automation system because they have like a Gmail or hotmail address.

Is that an okay thing to do? I said, No, not anymore.

Maybe that was true five years ago.

But if you look at people’s behavior, and how they, how they do stuff, that’s not the way the world works anymore, especially in b2b and here’s why.

If you have a white paper, a webinar and ebook, a download an infographic, something on your website, and you have customers who are in any b2b company any, any larger company period that uses things like Barracuda, which is a firewall, a hardware firewall on the network or so in the more restrictive antivirus, software packages.

People who work there know, they may not ever get your email, and then they’re like, Oh, yeah, our firewall blocks all emails have any kind of attachment to it.

So what are those people do naturally, they put in an email address that they know can get the download the PDF, the whatever, and that’s a gmail address, a hotmail address, and AOL address.

But whatever the address is, They know they can get their email there.

So should you disqualify those people because they didn’t put in a work email? Oh, absolutely not.

You can ask them later on, either just just outright or with something like a marketing automation system, the sports progressive profiling, where every time somebody visits a form, you ask them for just one more piece of data to build out their profile.

But either way, I would not be throwing those email addresses away.

In the end, does it matter? Does it matter that they have put in a gmail address as long as they read your email and they respond to you and they convert? shouldn’t matter at all.

It should just be Hey, this is what works best for you.

The customer use it.

Now there are some folks will say well, if if you put in a hotmail address, then you can’t use the Fancy sophisticated account based marketing tools and all that stuff that will look at a work domain like Trust Insights, de AI and be able to pull data about that.

That company’s firma graphics again, doesn’t matter.

It makes it easier for software to do things in an automated fashion for sure.

But at the end of the day, if that’s what works best for the customer, let the customer do it the way they want.

Let the customer use their hotmail address they want to and if they’re if they are a legitimate prospect, and at some point you’re going to have a follow up, call or meeting or WebEx or whatever.

And you’ll get that work email.

It just doesn’t work.

When you correspond them say, Hey, what’s the best email for me to stay in touch with you at work? And you’ll get it.

The challenge though, is that marketers have Always been, but especially with a lot of data tools become very, very, very selfish.

Like we want the data we want.

We want things to work our way.

If you’re good marketer, you should want the customer to be happy first, and work around the inconveniences from a data perspective so that the gospel remains happy.

So that’s today’s episode, work with what people give you meet them where they are you you may have to do more work, but they will be happier and if they are happier, they are more likely to give you their money.

So as always, please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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