You Ask, I Answer: Measurement Tips for Agencies

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You Ask, I Answer: Measurement Tips for Agencies

Max asks, “What are some tips for agencies and freelancers for better business results in 2019?”

Agencies and freelancers are notorious for skimping on measurement. In this video, I offer some guidelines about how much to spend on measurement and how to create a measurement plan.

You Ask, I Answer: Measurement Tips for Agencies

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In today’s episode, Max asks,

What are your biggest tips for freelancers and agencies for getting the best results for your customers in 2019?


I’m awful. The, the number

one thing I see people not doing enough of, unsurprisingly, is measuring stuff. People have a tendency to simply spend all their time doing, and not investing enough time and enough resources. And measuring to figure out this is what really matters. The rule of thumb I’ve told people in the past and still holds true today is for every dollar you spend on marketing

plan to spend 25 cents on

the measurement and evaluation of it. If you’re going to spend

100 grand on marketing plan to spend 25, on the measurement of it to see what work will always cost that much. Not necessarily. But you need to be able to have the resources available so that if you have to bring in expertise, to get you the answers that you need, or you need to buy the

tracking software,

with the equipment or whatever up front, you’ve budgeted for it.

I remember I was working at doing some work at one point for a company that did, they were a retail store. And they were really, super insists on wanting to know how well was there out how effective was in marketing at bringing in foot traffic.

And they had all this, these plans like the foot traffic is going to do this and this. But

they didn’t have a single foot traffic counter in the in the store.


they set a measurement object, which is Atlanta was exactly you’re supposed to do. But then it didn’t have any way of actually tracking us they had to go and buy

the system. But the little cameras and

stuff that that track where people move around in the story, and it was very, very expensive, it was much more expensive than expected it to be had they budgeted

the 25% in order to get the equipment installed, they would have been okay.

The other thing people do wrong is that measurement

comes for them at the end of the process. At the end of the the marketing process in the planning process.

Your measurement strategy has to come up front because you need to know what you’re going to measure before you run the campaign.

To the example the the retail store, they wanted to measure foot traffic,

but they didn’t have any means of doing so. And had they

solve that problem first.

They would have been okay. One thing I see again, marketers do a ton of time is wrong is

they will try to retro actively measure something, but they didn’t have the tracking in place to measure it from something as simple as you know, a specific goal in Google Analytics to something as complex as

a certain type of ROI where they didn’t track the investment so they can’t do the return on their investment.

If you don’t

have that measurement strategy of fun if you don’t have the ability

to put build the infrastructure for measurement you in in many cases,

you cannot turn back time. Despite what shares songs as you cannot go back in time. And retro actively measure something you are not set up to measure in the first place. So

if you want to succeed in 2019, you need a measurement plan. You need a measurement goal. And you need to do it

as part of your overall plan.

I need to you need to invest heavily in the measurement. So that you know whether you’ve gotten to a goal or not.

There isn’t much more you can do that will be more impactful in your marketing. Because if you can’t measure it, your marketing can’t demonstrate his impact. You can say qualitatively

Oh, yeah, people love what we had to say or people loved our trade show booth where people loved our i think but if you can’t quantify it,

you can’t

accurately demonstrate it

impacts that’s that would be my my

biggest tip for for agencies and freelancers.

It’s especially important because I used to work in an agency and

many measurement was always an afterthought.

Measurement was something that

people never put first, because for two reasons one was expensive.

And too, if you’re not

someone for whom measurement and analytics and quantitative work comes naturally,

it can be intimidating.

Oh, there’s there’s one more factor.

One of the reasons why some people in some agencies, I’m being very specific. It’s it’s not everyone, it’s just some people.

But some people don’t like measurement. Because

once you measure something, you can evaluate its effectiveness. And there are some people in the agency world who are ineffective. They don’t get results. But they’ve managed to sort of stay under the radar. Because no one else is measuring. The only form of measurement they have is qualitative, like,

Oh, yeah, Joe, such a great guy.

Joe’s ROI is negative, but people like Joe, and so job may be able to get away with not delivering results. Once you implement a system of measurement,

it becomes much harder to justify


investment in Joe as is and either and Joe asked to up level his skills, or your agency, or the freelancers you work with. may need to to change strategies about who they choose to work with. So that’s the other reason why measurement sometimes doesn’t rise to the top of the priority list. Again, not everyone, not everyone, just some people at some places

would prefer that you not shine the light of day, and then the light of measurement on on what they’re doing. So

great question max.

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I’ll talk to you soon. Take care what help solving your company’s data

analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you

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