You Ask, I Answer: What Tools for Instagram Reporting?

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You Ask, I Answer: What Tools for Instagram Reporting?

Fiona asks, “What tool is everyone using for Instagram reporting?”

I use a combination of four tools for Instagram reporting, depending on the need. For my own data, I use Agorapulse. For known competitive accounts I want to monitor, I use Facebook’s Crowdtangle. For broad conversations, I use Brand24 and Talkwalker.

The unpleasant reality is that there’s no one tool that does it all. And even with these tools, I’ve had to write software that does analysis on top of the data they provide.

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You Ask, I Answer: What Tools for Instagram Reporting?

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In today’s episode, Fiona asks what tool or tools is everyone using for Instagram reporting? This is a good question. And the answer to it depends on what kind of reporting you’re trying to do or you’re trying to reward yourself are you trying to keep an eye on key competitors? Are you trying to monitor a broad space depending on your needs will depend on which tools you use. And

the reality is that so many social media marketing tools can’t do advanced analytics so you may need software even on top of that so let’s go through these use cases if you want to monitor and manage a channel for yourself particularly if you want sort of one stop shopping for the channels you own the total use there is called a gore Paul side I don’t know if it’s a gore poles or Agra polls. I mean, you’re agoraphobic but

Anyway either way Agoura pulse is the tool of choice for monitoring the challenge on because it allows you to do some analytics but it also allows you to respond to things like comments within the application which is very very helpful for known competitive accounts meaning I know these five companies are my competitors and I want to keep an eye on them or these are the 10 influencers in my space and I want to see what’s going on with them. The tool to use there is called a crowd tangle and this is a Facebook tool that is very, very difficult to get ahold of because it is currently restricted to journalists and academic researchers and and credible news publications used to be not free and you could buy it nowadays it’s free but there’s like a really long wait list and a qualification process to get ahold of it.

But for monitoring accounts that you know you want to keep an eye on is one of the best tools around for broad monitoring when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

For other than, like a hashtag or topic, I think it’s like that there are two pieces of software I recommend. One is called Brandon 24, which is a Polish Polish company that that has social media monitoring, and their Instagram support is very, very good. The other is called talk Walker and talk Walker is a bill Belgian Belgian company. I think

that does combined media monitoring and social media monitoring as well. So if you’re trying to monitor the media, news stories and things plus trying to monitor social channels, but those are all bundled into their

I found talk. Walker’s coverage on Instagram specifically to be not as good for exporting data has brand 24. So you want to do the data export for further processing. It is definitely use definitely as brand 24 if you want to do reporting and dashboards and visualization within the software itself.

definitely use talk Walker it is it’s got a really nice interface. So

those are the four ish tools.

Here’s the thing. Again, like I said, the beginning, no one tool can do it all.

Many have tried and a lot of other subjects and things like API rate limits and the way in which a provider gets its data. And even with these tools you if you got if you want to advanced analytics, none of these tools, none of them

provide you with advanced statistical capabilities. They can’t, for example, break a data set into core tiles and analyze common factors per quarter, for example, none of them can do image recognition, advanced image recognition, if you want to do for example, use IBM Watson visual recognition service none of these support that because that’s simply not something that they offer right now.

So if you wanted to do, for example, what do all the What does the top 100,000 Instagram posts of the week have in common? You would need to write that that code yourself all these tools, particularly brand 24 and talk Walker have really good data export. So it is crowd tangle. So you can export the raw data out and then feed that data into other software that other commercial providers like, you know, the IBM Watson studio ecosystem or open source languages like Python and our if you want to do advanced analytics and say, like, oh, how many

logos up here in the top 100,000

images? That’s something that you would have to write custom code for using a machine learning platforms, but

even the basic statistical stuff, these tools don’t do that. We talked about that recently. And the reason for that is that many software packages don’t offer that because the compute time is too long. We are a culture that is accustomed to it.

results on this sort of thing, you know, tap, tap the Report button and report it instantly appear. And if you have to do something that requires, you know, six hours of processing to get your answer you

people are not willing to wait that long. But even if it’s super valuable answer so. But those are the tools that I use for Instagram reports most of the time, most of the time, we are looking for patterns in data rather than data on any one individual post. And that’s why data export capabilities are so important. If you don’t have a tool does not have good data export, probably don’t use it. Like if a tool does not allow you to dump a CSV file of the data that you’re looking at. It’s not a very good tool

and the vendor has something of a vested interest in keeping you on the platform as opposed to letting you move your data around. So just a sudden look for as you’re evaluating software packages but great question if you want to take a look around at the space and I know there’s there are many other tools that you can use but these are the four

I found that gives me the data that I want the format that I want it so that I can do analytics on it and even push it into another system for further analysis or further for visualization like Google Data Studio. So great question as well as leave comments in the comments below. And if you get a chance to please subscribe to the YouTube channel the newsletter I’ll talk to you soon

one help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you

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