You Ask, I Answer: What to Read Before 2019

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You Ask, I Answer: What to Read Before 2019

Jon asks, “What, if any, will be the number one,”blow your socks off," marketing trend for 2019? If nothing comes to mind, what existing technology or tactic will see major growth in 2019? What is going to fade away in the coming year? What book(s) or blogs would you say will be must reads to stay competitive in 2019?"

For the first question, I answered this in the Trust Insights 2019 Key Marketing Trends Forecast, so grab a copy of that. In this video, I answer the trends that are taking a nosedive, and what books you should re-read in 2019.

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You Ask, I Answer: What to Read Before 2019

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In today’s episode john asks three questions about the upcoming marketing season what’s gonna blow our socks off marketing trend or 2019 read the new trust insights 2019 key marketing trends report but influencer marketing going to eat everything but read that report link is at trust slash 2019 trends number two what’s going to fade away in the coming year now this is an important one because it’s not in the trends report I mean we have the data but it wasn’t in the trends report is as important what’s going to get chewed up this coming year according to our data only pull up our data here to do we’re looking at a couple of big things that are likely to drop number one Snapchat stick a fork in it it’s it appears to seriously be done in terms of things that people just are not going to be searching for as much not

Because they’re at saturation like Facebook but because Instagram pretty much eight that launch

the app kick also is is on the ropes not doing not doing so hot there and then the there are a number of decreases This is one we have to be careful the number of decreases in the names of the the old names of Google’s was now Google marketing platforms that’s more of a rebranding change showing that they’re actually have done a good job rebranding the marketing suite

is now called Google marketing platform. It used to be called analytics 360. Yeah, so they renamed it a bunch of times but that’s the big ones Snapchat unless your audiences like a die hard Snapchat audience if there isn’t there there anymore. It Instagram has just done such a good job of taking away all the features and putting it into a network that

Frankly, as much, much larger on the third question, what books or blogs would you say will be must read to stay competitive in 2019, there are

a bunch of books that have been very useful. One that I really liked

that was a good read was a j bears talk triggers, which is a good it’s it’s not just a book it’s also got a workbook and a framework in it of stuff that

you should do. It’s a six step process. And if you follow that, if we actually do the framework, it’s a really good book but the one I think that is undersold and people have forgotten about where people have forgotten how to apply the lessons of is not a business book at all, it is this one. This is Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

I have the clear addition you can find any number of

versions online. I like the query edition because in the query addition you’ll get the individual text and then you’ll get

A bunch of commentary by other

contemporaries about what about possible interpretations for the phrase so for example in there’s a whole section in here on doing battle and

it says those who use the military skillfully Do not raise troops twice and do not provide food three times and then the the commentary goes into essentially if you’re really bad at war then you’re going to have to to raise a whole bunch of resources that you didn’t need

or you didn’t need to expand the yen in traditionally when you when you raise troops, your conscripting them from the population when you when you send food every ounce of food that you send the military is taken away from the rest of your population. Now this was written in ancient China

when you apply that lesson to your marketing to your business. It is it

emphasis that you need to be really smart and really good about what it is that you do with your marketing. The equivalent of raising troops and sending food is hiring and consuming budget, right? You only have so much budget to work with. And if you are bad at marketing, you’re going to expand the whole bunch of that budget

in ways that are not efficient. So that requires a lot of strategic decisions like testing stuff like should we attempt this avenue in the same way that you would do so in a military campaign where you would, instead of just randomly committing to one action, hoping it works out for the best you would use scouting, you would use espionage you would use surveillance to determine the strength of the enemy and what they’re likely to do you use the knowledge of the enemy general and what personality weaknesses they have that might get them to to make a poor choice

and ensuing in doing so give you a strategic advantage that

You could use

it as a way to to save your troops, save your your your budget, save your resources, and be able to win the war. Now, these are not one one comparisons. For example, there’s in a war people die in failed marketing campaigns. Nobody dies.

You do. You may not do well as a company, but there are there are obviously some some inept comparisons. But from a strategic perspective, classics like the art of war are

a really important reads and the reads that people have not done. They are reads that people have skipped over or maybe read them once in business school and have long forgotten the lessons in them. And my friend Scott Monte calls this timeless wisdom and there is there is a

an art and a science to reading it to be in requires, honestly it requires

We’re here to be able to see how

how these lessons apply to the modern day and to translate them and to know which ones don’t apply. But I would emphasize that in 2019, you get back to the basics

as we have seen over the last 10 years, especially in SEO. But now in social media with all the algorithm changes, every algorithm change

that happens. We just put up a thing on Instagram on Instagrams API change every algorithm and API change

does more to take away the easy tricks the the ways to hack the system and force us all as marketers and as people to do it the right way.

If you go back to the the timeless wisdom section of your bookshelf

you’re looking at Okay, what are the

lessons that we should be adhering to that have worked and will continue to work as long as people don’t change all that much. And that’s where I think there’s some opportunities for marketers in in 2019 or frankly in any year to to get competitive and stay competitive figure out

figure how people work because behind all the technology at least for now there’s still a human being a good chunk of the time

and so figuring out how the people work will let you take advantage of hacking the the wet were up here rather than trying to hack this thing here. Right. So

great questions, lots and lots of different stuff to keep in mind as we enter a new year as budgets refresh and things like that.

I certainly wish john and everyone the opportunity to have some great opportunities and then in the new year but a study up study up on those classics study upon the things that

help you understand why people make the decisions they make and and keep an eye on those trends thanks for watching please leave your comments if you have any in the comments below and subscribe to the YouTube channel in the newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon one help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust insights AI today and let us know how we can help you.

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