Trust Insights 2019 Marketing Trends Report

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Trust Insights 2019 Marketing Trends Report

I’m pleased to share the brand new, data-driven 2019 Marketing Trends Report from Trust Insights. Unlike other trends reports and forecasts which are purely qualitative in nature or just vendor promotions, this report looks at 3,627 popular marketing searches and forecasts them, using machine learning, over the next 52 weeks to determine what’s going to be on marketers’ minds in 2019. See the hard numbers behind the trends, too:

Trust Insights 2019 Marketing Trends Report

Learn why marketers might be missing the boat on brand new social networks, which marketing technology platforms have the biggest mindshare, and what questions you should be asking of your 2019 marketing plans.

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Trust Insights 2019 Marketing Trends Report

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Today, very pleased to introduce to you the key marketing trends forecast from trust insights. This is a report that is looking at trends in marketing over the next year. Now, the origin of the genesis of this report is the fact that a lot of the trends reports that we see online for a prognostications of the future are based either on purely qualitative perspectives, which there’s nothing wrong with that, because if you spend all your time talking to customers, clearly, you’re going to get a very good understanding what your customers care about, and would never dissuade anyone from doing that. But there’s not much in the way of quantitative about it. We as humans have selective bias we had humans have selective memory, we can only remember certain things and we tend to remember the things that we associate with most then there are the vendor report that as as my friend and pure Scott Brinker says there’s an awful lot of reports that conflict accompanies hopes and goals with prognostications about what the market will do independent of them, meaning your companies are promoting trends that benefit them and show that they’re on the right track. So we asked ourselves selves, what would it look like if we use actual data? What kind of data could we use? And then what would that tell us? So we looked at search data, because unlike social media conversations, which there is this thing, sort of a social bias there stuff that you don’t want to talk about, for example,

there are not a ton of marketers who be thrilled to talk about, Hey,

I still don’t know what I’m doing with Google Analytics in 2018,


There’s, there’s a, there can be a social stigma to that. And certainly, if you’re working in a more conservative workplace, you would never want to publish it thing that admits to your boss or your stakeholders that something as basic as that is, is not in place. But marketers and people will search for that stuff like crazy. So what we did was we took some of the top marketing blogs, some of the top marketing websites, pulled all their keyword data, their SEO data, and built out a massive corpus of over 3000 search terms that are search for at least 100 times a month. And then we use machine learning technology to forecast forward based on the last five years of data, what would what will be likely to be the search volume for those terms going forward. And so in this report, you’re going to see things like we see Facebook’s giant dominance of everything follow the YouTube Instagram the major social networks we see marketing automation software like MailChimp, data analysis languages like are so you’ll get a sense in this report of what’s popular. But most importantly, when we go forward in time, what are the things that are going to be taking off or that people will be likely searching for most people search generally not for fun people search because they have a need, they need to fulfill the have an intent, I want to know what this thing is. I want to know why this thing’s important. I want to know how to do that thing. And generally speaking, that’s the order in which people do stuff is is what is it? Why is it important? How do I do it, because if they don’t know what it is, they clearly don’t understand the importance and if they don’t understand the importance, they’re not going to invest the time and learning how to do something. So when we look at what’s likely to happen in the next year, and the next 52 weeks, we see that the major social networks, frankly, they’ve got all the people right, there’s there’s not much room for growth. There’s not much room for

beyond a certain amount of people saying, I need to know why is YouTube important. No one actually needs to be told why you do was important. However, there are other network other technologies. Other terms, other ideas that are trending like LinkedIn 28% forecasted increase in the next year discord 12.3% slack 43.4%. So in this report, you’re going to see the terms and you’ll see our analysis of what these terms mean

for your marketing such as, for example,

slack and discord are two sides of the same coin. For those of you who work in a b2b or

modern company that uses an internal system like Slack, you know the value of that internal chat system. Are you on discord if you’re a b2c company, discord is the equivalent for consumers, especially younger consumers who are super into gaming and pop culture. It’s a tremendous social network, and it’s one that is very difficult to navigate. But if you know how to navigate Slack, you can probably navigate discord because the idea is very similar.

Are you prepared for that? Do you know about that? Is that something that’s already your radar for the next year? Do you have a strategy plan for it. So a lot of these different trends of things will cover in the report. And then finally, we’ll look at the things that are going to be trending the most the stuff that may not be the most popular right now, but as likely, we’re likely to see massive increases such as audience analysis people, marketers want to know how do I do this thing? How do I What is this thing why is important? How do I do this thing some searches actually use the terms like what is what is digital transformation 290% projected increase in the next year what is influencer marketing 230% increase in the next year. And so in this report, you’ll get you’ll get all these terms you’ll get all of the the analysis of it and our recommendations about the questions you should be asking you, whoever your chief questions officer is, these are the things that they should be asking about and you coming up with answers to in order to take advantage of what’s going to happen in the next year. So grab your copy at trust slash 2019 trends. It’s completely free of financial cost, just got a short form to fill out and read through it. Ask us questions about it. If you’ve if you’ve got any but make use of it. Take this report and start planning a 2019 strategy based on actual data of what people are likely to be searching for. And the next year. Thanks for watching and grab that report. One help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today

and let us know how we can help you

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