MarketingProfs B2B Forum Day 2 Recap

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MarketingProfs B2B Forum Day 2 Recap

A recap of the second day of MarketingProfs B2B Forum, and a question: has B2B marketing gotten stale or just mature? The holy trinity of white paper, webinar, and eBook has proven effective, but where’s the innovation?

MarketingProfs B2B Forum Day 2 Recap

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In today’s episode, we look at the second full day of marketingprofs b2b forum. And what what the audience got it. The big topics of the day were on improving b2b webinars. There was a lot of chatter about that a lot of people commenting and sharing tips from one of the sessions on improving b2b webinars. There’s a nother section on influencer marketing, using influencers for b2b and on Facebook chat bots,

one of the most striking

things to me between the content being shared by attendees. And the

sum of the conversations and topics in the various keynotes that has me slowly, slightly concerned is that there does not seem to be a ton of innovation in the b2b marketing space. Now, this is not to say that they’re not marketers doing fun and interesting things and proving their webinars, but I don’t see as much

that is new and different. One of the reasons why, for example, Eric Kim’s chatbot session is so popular is because it’s just a new format, it’s something new in the b2b space that

otherwise we don’t see a whole lot of, of real

widely adopted innovation. There are certainly individual companies, individual marketers, who are doing a great job being innovative and trying out new things. But

the question I have is, is that because the things that we do

our at this point in mature and proven and work, white paper, webinars, ebooks,

email marketing,


do we have a blind spot in b2b marketing is something absent

when we look at b2c marketing, there’s a lot more emphasis on things like

interactive and video really rich formats,

we see attraction methods that are much more impulse

driven, understandably, things like experiential marketing,

but I don’t see that and b2b as certainly not as a as widely adopted as, for example, say, the venerable webinar.

So when we look at what’s been shared at marketingprofs, about making our marketing more human, making it more emotionally resonant

building better webinars, I do wonder if we have

missed something. If we’ve missed something. As, as marketers in the b2b space that is not

that is a missed opportunity.

Certainly, video, even just stuff like this

video is relatively rare compared to be to see there are plenty of individual practitioners who are cranking up video,

but I don’t see as much in the way of a coordinated strategy

on the video front. And that’s partly because

b2b brands tend to

they tend to be very concerned about

having bespoke quality as opposed to getting something out there.

So video production has substantially longer times and higher costs, if you want it to look like professional broadcast quality. Obviously, if you don’t mind it being on somebody’s phone, it has the same speed and quality and budget as shooting something on someone’s phone.

The other thing that

is always interesting every year at marketingprofs is

the new faces, tons of new faces in the field,

which it itself, by the way, is great

because you always want new talent, you always want new ideas. But the challenge

I see is that the new faces and the new people

lack good training and the basics. And so that inhibits innovation. If every time every six months, you’re hiring new people, and they’re like, what’s Google Analytics, we to train them. But in that period of time, we’re not advancing as quickly as we could be, because we’re losing an institutional knowledge as other people move up in the organization and move on.

And so that may also be a contributing factor to

a seeming lack of innovation in the b2b space. If every six months, we’re moving people around an organization,

the only documented procedures, maybe around a handful of tactics like white papers, webinars, and ebooks.

And so

we need a better way of creating and we need a faster way of creating so that

we don’t lose the institutional knowledge when someone moves roles within a company.

equally true. We need to as marketers

make sure that we are continuing to train and appeal to people who are wherever they are in their career life cycle,

as opposed to providing just a certain type of content or certain type of point of view, it’s so funny looking through a lot of literature in this learning out everywhere on the on the trade, show floor, everything is being targeted towards the CMO. Although this this is this, the CMO and and it neglects everybody else in the buying decision process.

Very often

the CMO

is not the one who is putting the shortlist together for the RFP,

the CMO is not the one googling and reading reviews on G to crowd the CMO is making the decision but maybe making the decision with relatively sparse, highly filtered information. So for b2b marketers, another area that’s a bit of a gap is are you creating content that is applicable and appropriate for people throughout their career journey as marketers

looking to gain information about

products and services.

So a lot to think about from this year’s b2b form.

It was always it is always great to see old friends and make new friends and to all the people who showed up at the AI talk I gave thank you for being there if you were not able to make it but you want to catch some of the materials you can go to where can I get the will take you to the trust insights website where you can download them and

will be keeping an eye on the space marketing process will be moving back to the east coast next year, Washington DC so I hope that he didn’t get chance to attend this year that you I will see you at the next marketingprofs event and the next events

but thanks for watching. Thanks for submitting your questions. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel. My newsletter will talk to you soon. What help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems.

This is trusted today and let us know how we can help you

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