You Ask, I Answer_ Evaluating Content Marketing Management Software

Peter asks, “What do you recommend for content marketing management software, especially for a B2B company?”

Great question, and a very common one. Content marketing management needs to fulfill one or more of the following functions:

  • Creation / management of creation
  • Curation and amplification
  • Scheduling
  • Workflows and approvals
  • IAM / ACL
  • Publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics

Each of these features has a number of point solutions that will run you 10 – 50 per month; when combined, it’s easy to see how the price tag for software just goes up and up.

What I use:

  • I create my own content mostly using SEO tools – check out SEMrush as one of many
  • I wrote my own curation tools because I was unhappy with what was on the market, but it’s powered by Feedly and Pocket
  • I’ve used a number of tools for scheduling but really like Agorapulse now, especially since they finally added LinkedIn
  • Most tools offer an enterprise edition for both workflows and IAM; software like Workfront does this well if you need heavy duty workflows and IAM
  • Buffer, Hootsuite, and Agorapulse are great choices for publishing and basic monitoring, especially in bulk
  • For analytics, Google Analytics is the gold standard for owned media content; most software provides some activity-based monitoring

Disclosure: some links are affiliate marketing links for which my company, Trust Insights, earns a small commission if you end up buying something.

You Ask, I Answer: Evaluating Content Marketing Management Software
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