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You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Career Focus Choices

Magdalena asks, “What should be marketers’ main focus – numbers or creativity and innovation? Why?”

The idea of asking someone to choose being qualitative or quantitative is inadvisable. People have natural aptitudes, and asking them to focus on something that isn’t their strength tends to yield mediocre results.

The more important focus choice is whether a marketer is operations-focused or experience-focused. Customer experience is absolutely vital, as is marketing operations – but in larger companies, you must choose to focus on one branch more than the other. Which choice you make dictates hiring, team composition, and ultimately your brand’s effectiveness. Watch the video for full details.

You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Career Focus Choices

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In today’s episode, Magdalena asks, What should marketers main focus be numbers or creativity and innovation? Why?

I don’t think these are focus points. And the reason for that is numbers and quantitative data excellence and things and creativity, innovation out of the box, thinking

two things. One, you can’t be either or most people are a combination of both. And these are attributes these are characteristics of the person. So some people have an aptitude towards the quantitative they love data, they love charts they love all the the slicing and dicing they’re very analytical thinkers, other people very creative thinkers they’re out of the box thinkers

today with artificial intelligence and and the ability for machines to do very narrow

Asked extremely well, you really need to be both, although it is has since been proven neurologically untrue. The idea of left brain and right brain still is a a false dichotomy. You need to be both brain, right? You need to be able to do both things,

the greater challenge, I think, if if marketers have to put a focus somewhere, it’s not on trying to change themselves to be something that they’re not. If yes, absolutely, you should always have a lifetime of learning and development and, and experimenting in creative tools, experimenting in quantitative tools. But if there’s a focus that you have to choose from, because both can be very overwhelming it is whether you are business focused or customer focused. And again, just like left brain, right brain, you can’t just do one but because of the scope and the scale of being very business focused on what we were

Marketing operations or being customer focused on what is customer experience and and buyers journey customer journey

unless you work at a very small company you can’t really specialize in either one

well especially working small company you can specialize another one you have to do both and then as you work a bigger companies you started to have a path where you are on more on the operation side or you are more on the experience side that’s to me is is where you have to make a choice as marketers to what you want to be known for what you want to be good at and what tools and systems and technologies you will specialize in because they are very different marketing operations tends more towards things like automation, CRM,

it making sure that that marketing happens and there’s still absolutely stuff like focus groups and surveys and stuff to to get a sense of what customers think.

But you really are working towards furthering the goals of the business and you’re working towards making marketing operating as efficiently and as effectively as possible. On the experience side, you are all in on voice of the customer, you are all in on the customer journey and the paths touch points analysis, attribution analysis and understanding customer behavior, psychology, understanding, neurology understanding how the human being makes decisions and then optimizing your marketing to those decision pathways. It there’s a lot of data mining and a lot of exploration. What are people saying about a product? What are people saying about our competitors to understand that experience that they have in trying to do path analysis and so that’s where marketers have to make a strong choice in focus in their careers. Now, you heard a lot of the same tools in both sides data analysis activity.

analysis, path analysis, things like that. So it’s not again, it’s not left brain, right brain creative risk quantitative, you need both attributes to be successful. Or you need to have a team that

compensates for where you are not as strong. But what does that mean focus is going to be are you working on making a marketing function more efficiently and effectively? Or are you working more on serving the customers needs so that the customer is endlessly delighted by everything that you do?

And by the way, that’s not just Product Marketing. A lot of people think customer experience is Product Marketing, how can we make the product work better the way the customer wants it to? It’s much more about the experience the customer is actually exposed for the first time they become aware of your brand all the way through owning and being a loyal advocate for your brand. And that is a discipline a career path it is is a massive change in focus for the average marketer.

And so that’s where you your marketing focus has to be. If you are managing a team of marketers, you need to split your operations about 5050, who’s going to be on the operations side, making marketing run, who’s going to be on the experience side, making the customer happy. If you default towards one of those disciplines,

the other suffers, the other can be neglected and you will pay a price for it. If you are less focused on operations and marketing will not run as well. stuff will fall through the cracks, things will not run as well.

If you ignore the customer experience, you’re going to be in an obnoxious, annoying marketer, you’re going to be the one you’re gonna be the person who’s you know, we have this cadence, we need to hit

the Email button every three days. We need between 22 times a day and it will all be stuff that nobody wants because you are focused solely on the operations and being very company centric, that you won’t be customer centric. Thanks.

So that’s where the risks are.

Great question

again, because people think that they have to make a choice about being something that they’re not. It can be a very misleading question. So instead of choosing quantitative, quantitative, choose operations, focus with some in informed experience on the customer experience side, or choose customer side with some focus on the operation side, and you have to do both. Again, these are all false choices. You must be everything in a lot of ways, but choose one of those two disciplines to add focus to to become better at so tough question. Great question. As always, please subscribe to the newsletter and the YouTube channel. I’ll talk to you soon. Take care

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