You Ask, I Answer: How To Make Red Profile Borders on LinkedIn

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You Ask, I Answer_ How To Make Red Profile Borders on LinkedIn

Judi asks, “How do you get the red circle around your profile picture on LinkedIn?”

The red profile border is a neat human trick I learned a while back; I like it because it sets your profile photo apart in the feed, and the red is exactly the same color as the notification icons. It’s eye-catching as you scroll through.

Here’s a screencast walking through the process. You’ll need slide software such as Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Apple Keynote, and a profile picture (ideally black and white).

You Ask, I Answer: How To Make Red Profile Borders on LinkedIn

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In today’s you ask, I answered. Judy asks, How do you get the red circle around your profile picture on LinkedIn, the red profile circle. It’s a neat human trick I learned a while back. I like it because it sets your profile photo apart in the feed. And the red is exactly the same colors, the notification icons, it’s eye catching. As you scroll through, he’s an example. As a scrolling through, you’ll see there’s my profile picture. And there’s some other profile photos. And then that there’s that one has that red circle around that. Now this is not a feature that’s built into LinkedIn. This is simply something that you have to do separately. So let’s go through how to do that. I’m going to go ahead and you’re going to need you don’t really need a fancy software, Photoshop or anything a regular slide deck software will do. You will need a profile picture of some kinds of find a profile picture that works really well for you.

I’ll use this one here and what you got.

We’ll do a shrink that down to a reasonable size. See if we can make this fit this on screen here,

like so.

center that and now we’ll take a shape a nice circle

with a circle. What we’re going to do is gonna have no Phil on the circle, but we’re going to set a a border we’re going to set the border thickness to something crazy like 96 point I’m going to set the color to that fire engine. Read that big, big, big red color and bring this around like so.

Let’s actually make that border even thicker. Let’s go to 55. Okay, that’s good enough, I guess and just make it just tightened up a little bit

with your software you can most all slide software has the ability to center

So, and then we’re going to export this as an image. Now obviously, if you’re using Microsoft PowerPoint or whatever,

you’ll have different settings. This is a keynote on the Mac

will save this.

And now we should have our profile picture right on a desktop. So let’s switch back to our browser. Go ahead and click on your

profile photo.

Find the picture you just created the slide and you’ll notice now that you can zoom in

and what you want is just a nice thin layer. See how zoomed in around to not get as much of that red border looks good. It’s even on all sides. We apply it

hit save and now you got that nice.

red border around the profile photo. So that’s the process. It’s super easy to do. It works on most social networks that have a circle as the profile photo. So LinkedIn always crops to a circle Facebook for its profile photos, crops to a circle. So you can do this on Facebook. Twitter is different. Twitter has a square sometimes the circle other time so it will look a little bit off if you do it. If If you don’t mind that for Twitter, what you’d want to do because the the background is a square there is you would want to create at that same color as a Red Square.

send that to the back

and then take that circle have a color fill that is white

and then send that backwards.

Send the all the way back and you’ll have to crop out or or make transparent your background here so some software allows you to do what’s called an alpha we can mask out the background and that would allow you to pass through and basically have let’s see if we can do this year to edit mask

instant alpha


so you would save this whole thing as your profile picture and then have the square

would essentially be a red red circles squares kind of a read James Bond look if you remember the old Bond films The the openings to them. So that’s how you do that for Twitter. But do this for any social network where there’s the icon is cropped to a circle and you’ll get that nice red circle around it. That is again very eye catching and takes advantage of two things to take advantage of the fact that


wouldn’t use, by the way, with the corporate logo, I’d use it with natural face. Because human beings are keyed biologically to, we’ve evolved to to lock onto a human face first and then secondarily, that red circle gives us the ability to to look like a notification. So that’s how I do that. Again,

if it’s off brand, if you don’t like that color, if you want to have it be a difficult obviously just change it to whatever color you likes. The other thing I do like about doing that is d saturating your photo. So if your photo is a color photo, you might be okay. You might want to think about making it a black and white photo, it sets the contrast off a little bit more. So give that a try. Play with it. See if you like it. And if you do like it, then roll it out to every social network where you feel it’s appropriate. But again, on LinkedIn, you get those nice red notification icons and it matches up really well. So thanks for the great question Judy. hope this is helpful. As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and to the email newsletter and when

We’ll talk to you soon. Take care

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