You Ask, I Answer: Top Instagram Marketing Tips

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You Ask, I Answer_ Top Instagram Tips

Chiranjeevi asks:

“What are your top 10 tips for Instagram marketing in 2018?”

We don’t need 10 tips. We need to rigorously follow one:

If our content does not entertain, engage, or educate, it will perform poorly.

That’s the sum total of an effective Instagram marketing strategy and where 99% of brands go wrong in their marketing. Watch the video for the nuances, but that’s our first and foremost focus.

You Ask, I Answer: Top Instagram Tips

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Chiranjeevi asks for top 10 tips for today’s you ask I answer you don’t need 10 really only need one and that is make content that the audience actually wants. Remember the three E’s rule entertain engage or educate

those are the golden rules for all forms of content marketing of especially for

people are on Instagram to see interesting stuff. Nobody wants to see your product over and over and over again unless it is illustrating what they can do what their life will be like

an aspirational channel. Look how beautiful your food could look Look how wonderful your vacations could look Look how much more relieving you your time and the office could book because the purely visual channel is a visual storytelling channel and it is an entertainment channel your content on Instagram has to do one of those things. So

if you’re just showing stuff on Instagram. That’s your product over and over again. That’s not entertaining. It’s not educational it’s not engaging nothing what you post on there’s going to matter the camera doesn’t matter the lighting doesn’t matter the video quality doesn’t matter

entertaining entertain engage or educate

I was working, not too long ago with a kitchen appliance company they make stuff for the kitchen and they’re like, Well, why doesn’t Why doesn’t anyone like our stuff. Well, there’s stuff was boring. There’s just their product over and over again. I mean, there was no sense of what you could do with it. That was unique makes food like everything else makes food that’s not helpful.

There was no special angle. There was no aspirational aspect, like, look how much better your food could be if only you use this gadget.

And so that entertain engage or educate strategy is what you need to do. Now let’s take a few examples. Let’s say you have a smartphone right as smartphones is pretty easy to to show how it will make your life better. But you also need to have that aspect of uniqueness how your product is not going to be completely unique and still be valuable probably it will probably have competitors. It will probably have something

some kind of aspect that other people can replicate. What’s your unique spin on it. How do you showcase that visual storytelling. Suppose you have a webcam. Well, everyone’s got a webcam. These things are pretty count. Right. They all look like little eyeballs that go on top of your computer. What’s different about this one. What could you show that would be different about yours, maybe show how yours is resistant to hacking by the government or Russian hackers, something along those lines, something that’s a unique and different storytelling approach with

the product of the subject of your photos is

not the protagonist of the story, the story. The protagonist of the story is the viewer who was thumbing through a feed and if they see something that helps them understand this is how I become the the movie star poster hero version of myself. They will stop, they will take a look. May May tap on the ad to to learn more. So think of it from that perspective as well, something I learned from my editor.

The protagonist is not who we write in the book a protagonist is the reader.

Finally, you can’t using Instagram story to tell somebody what the benefit of your product is or the reason why it’s important or unique or any of this, and you have to show it.

I was talking to one person at Social Media Marketing World who helps a market cutlery and they’re like well you know our steel is better than all the phones are still because it’s this particular type of sweet is stealing like i don’t care i care about if I throw this knife against a tree will the blade break or will the tree break

and I’ve got to be able to see that as silly as those ads were remember the old turbo Ginsu knife ads when they’re like salto a lead pipe and then a tomato right the steel was terrible. The knives were not particularly good knives,

but the gimmick was really obvious like wow this is a couple of metal pipe, nevermind. That was lead, which is both toxic and soft and then color tomato, I can cut the issue right nobody’s going to cut through a shoe sensibly with a knife, but it illustrates the point and you can you could do that in a story or photo or add very easily here kind of shoe and half cut up a bamboo Poland half cut the second half and it would be a way of illustrating the benefit of the story of the product not telling somebody that this is the sharpest knife in the world now show. Hey, I just cut through, you know, a fence post. That’s how you use Instagram to educate entertain to engage. If you don’t do one of those things visually

nothing else you do on Instagram matters. So that would be my one and only tip and if companies could get better at that they will be so much better off than focusing on anything else. Don’t worry about lighting. Don’t worry about beautiful photography, be able to tell a good story with your camera. First, as always, please subscribe to the newsletter and the YouTube channel. Thank you for watching.

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