You Ask, I Answer: How To Solve Jay-Z’s 99 Marketing Problems

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You Ask, I Answer_ How To Solve Jay-Z’s 99 Marketing Problems

Al asked,

“I’ve got the Jay-Z problem – I’ve got 99 marketing problems. Where do I start?”

Great question – this is a four-part answer:

  • Categorization: put all the problems into one of four buckets
    • People
    • Process
    • Platform
    • Participation
  • Prioritization: Use the enhanced Eisenhower Matrix to assign priorities
    • Urgent
    • Important
    • Easy
  • Analysis: Assign metrics and data to problems where possible
  • No data? Fix from the bottom up or align to known best practices

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99 Marketing Problems: Where to Start Fixing?

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In today’s you ask I answer. I’ll asks the Jay Z problem I got 99 problems where do I start so prioritizing what to fix in marketing when it seems like everything is broken. As I know you got the literal 99 problems weird you start. So there’s a couple of places to start that I really important. The first thing is auditing your marketing and knowing where and what those problems are and these are the three piece. Actually, the for technical I think the most important which is people do you have people problems human bodies human part of the people who do the work. Is that a problem. Second process. Do you have broken processes internally, the ways you do things do have processes you have governance. Do you have everything documented about how you do what you do because if you don’t have processes.

documented. You can’t refine that you can’t improve them. It’s like a recipe if you if you bake the cake brand new every single time you can’t go back and tune up the recipe, you just kind of making it up and big key 100 times you get 100 different cakes, which is not ideal. The third is platform. So this is technology and infrastructure, the stuff that makes marketing gold, especially in the modern world today so CRM marketing automation website all the bits and pieces laying around. And the fourth which is not in the original framework people process and technology from the 70s and Gartner later renamed it to people process platform and 2011, but the fourth that is really important. It’s participation. Do you have buy in from the participants, whether that means people who are the workers people who had the managers people who are the executives and the executive sponsors and by and do you have that if

when you go through you audit these things you categorize all of your problems.

What are the problems that you have people have a process problems. What are the platform problems. What are the participation in buying problems that you have. So that’s the first way you develop the catalog, then you go to the next step which categorization in terms of the problems I had like the Eisenhower matrix which is what’s urgent what’s important and the Eisenhower matrix. Typically, the two by two matrix that has that there’s a third dimension which I think is important for when you’ve got a lot of problems and that is what’s easy. What are the what are the things that you can do that are relatively painless to to get done. So if you have 99 problems but seven of the problems you can fix in five minutes or less. Make note of that and catalog that and and both should be on list of things you should be able to knock down because when there’s a whole bunch wrong. A lot of quick wins in the beginning can increase participation for the harder stuff but also they may be hidden dependencies.

The scenes that if you can knock out those those simple problems really quickly. You may see a sea change with the harder problems. So those the first two things you categorize then you prioritize based on the Eisenhower matrix urgent important easy

in the past when I’ve done that I’ve actually put together a spreadsheet made the all the problems in the list

tagged them you know people process platform and then urgent important easiest three columns and each one one to 10 is as important as the 10 is as important is that a 10 or one is it easy and so on so forth and you can literally just sum up urgent important easy calculator, figure out

the problems.

The third is start assigning data to the problems and this is again going sort of up the analytics ladder going up the marketing operations fumble

from the business impact from that dollar amount at the bottom line closed one.

Deal, whatever that is. It could be selling a pack of gum to your customer when they’re at the big box retail story. It could be selling them a gulf stream airplane or a multimillion dollar AARP system. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you have the marketing operations fellow sales opportunities leads prospects visitors audience, more or less, your business. We have slightly different stages and that’s fine score the data up the ladder and that will help you clarify in more detail,

where all the problems are broken. Unless Unless you’re all of your data is broken and you’re all of your measurement is broken. If that’s the case, if, if you are in the worst case in our everything’s broken. You got 99 problems and none of the day. Do you have is reliable. Then there’s two ways to start making those repairs. The first is to fix in the bottom of the funnel. First, you know, so you’ve categorized all the problems you’ve done urgent important easy and then the cluster of problems that sits at the bottom.

Follow start working on those first because you’re going to see the soon as business impact from fixing those

or if you have organizational problems with people and process where you can’t even make changes the bottom. The fumble the organizations. So silos that sales won’t even let you see was in the CRM, then you fix according to best practices. According to things that you are held accountable for. So

if, for example, if someone says well marketing is just responsible for for leads you all you do is crank out leads you don’t don’t worry about anything else. Okay, cool. That’s the bottom of the marketing funnel then and start fixing from the bottom up in terms of operationally fixing according to those the known best practices, best practices don’t mean if the best way to do it. They essentially Minimum Viable competence, if you will. So fixing that way so that’s that’s how you tackle your 99 problems the JC marketing problem.

audit prioritize analyze and then if all else fails, start from the bottom up and and start repairing in that way.

The hardest part is going to be the prioritization because everything is going to seem urgent everything’s going to seem important and nothing’s gonna seem easy and so I would encourage you if even if when you do the scoring

for some people it’s really difficult for them to to score so you could even make a categorical say easy hard just pick one. Is it easier as hard

and that can help with with that categorization that that prioritization.

The other thing is understanding importance when you do the categorization the prioritization

if everything seems important to everyone because everyone isn’t sure what to do.

Go back to the analytics slack or go back to the the.

Marketing operations funneled from the from the bottom up and figure out okay if if we can’t agree on what’s important. Let’s agree on how close to the bottom of funnel. It is so if someone’s like, No, no, no. Social media is the most important thing we need more awareness

that’s important to that person. We don’t discredit that because that may be there only only function or the only function that they can show actual results for but we can say that’s not near the bottom of funnel right awareness is the top of the funnel


keep doing what you’re doing. But we need your help, we need everyone’s help down here to fix the, you know, getting leads to want to talk to a salesperson or getting leads to read the sales enablement collateral. So that’s the other way to fix the important stuff and the is everything will seem original all the time. So there’s there’s no fixing that

but that’s how you assign them importance. So a great question. It is a difficult question.

The answers are more difficult because everyone’s going to feel like their stuff is most important. So this is how you start going through and scoring it as always thank you for watching please subscribe to the YouTube channel, please subscribe to the newsletter and a reminder that my company Trust Insights will come in and help you do this if you need an objective third party to talk to you about this kind of help you categorize and things will come and help you do that. And then you know once everything’s working we can do all the cool data stuff too. Thanks for watching. I’ll talk to you soon.

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