You Ask, I Answer: Learning Marketing Analytics Resources

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You Ask, I Answer_ Learning Marketing Analytics Resources

One of the most common questions I receive is, “where do I get started learning marketing analytics?”

You Ask, I Answer: Learning Marketing Analytics Resources

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Here’s the logical progression of training for burgeoning measurement folks in digital marketing today. Do these in the following order – courses, to build a foundation of knowledge. Then read the books for deep dives into specifics. Finally, subscribe to and read the blogs for continuing education.


Unless otherwise noted, all courses are free of financial cost.


Read these books. All links to Amazon are affiliate links for which I earn a small but non-zero financial payment.


Subscribe to these blogs on marketing analytics, data, and thinking about data. Unless otherwise noted, all blogs are free of financial cost.

Analytics Tools

My favorite analytics tools, for helping people start analyzing data.

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In this episode of you asked I answer one of the most common questions I’ve asked is how do I get started learning analytics learning Google Analytics learning any kind of digital marketing analytics and so I put together a blog posts. Before we go any further. This everything I’m talking about us any blog post with clickable links. Some of them affiliate links on my blog Christopher S Pen dot com so be sure to go and get that blog post that. So how do you get started. Well, there’s three sets of content. I think are really good. There’s courses books and then blogs and the important part to me is the order, you need to have the courses first as the foundation so you get the frameworks, you get the way to think about stuff in the big picture. One of the things I’ve seen people do wrong as they’ll rushing to start reading blogs and it’s kinda like hopping on a treadmill that’s already in motion. You can do it, but it’s probably not the best safest way to do it. So you do the courses. First, get the basics down and really do of course is not for a certificate having you do get certificates for some but not for the purposes of getting the piece of paper. It’s for the the acquisition of the knowledge they need to read the books for the deep dives into

specific areas specific points of focus. And then finally, then once you’re running once you’re up to speed. Then you get on the blogs and you start reading the blogs and building on the knowledge you have Cyrillic continuing education so courses Google Analytics Academy is number one by far is the gold standard in the industry go through the entire thing too is the AdWords a certification and this again gold standard helps you think about advertising how to deploy it how to measure it three Google has a certification called digital sales, which is really powerful for solo printers for consultants for agency people who people who have to work within the agency context or in any service type business because it tells you how to talk to your customers about analytics. I think it’s also valuable for people who work inside larger organizations where you have to essentially sell the ideas of measurement and stuff to executives and stakeholders for the Google dude Google Data Studio certification. So this is, again, this is a course that’s a training for using Data Studio, which is Google’s visualization and data product very very good product it’s free and then finally doing the HubSpot inbound marketing HubSpot Academy courses is like 40 of them, but the inbound marketing. One is very good

those courses I think those those what five courses or. So a really, really a good they’re solid foundation and there are also free of financial cost, which is a big deal because yeah there’s a lot of paid courses out there. I wouldn’t pay for any to start maybe down the road, but these ones to begin with our great introduction, then the deep dive into into books so the gold standard in books is Dr. Edward tough DS the visual display of quantitative information. This is the book to think about analytics because it helps you understand and see how to display data, how to show data to people in a way that they’ll understand this is an older book as if I have I copy on the shelf here

must be having upstairs, but it is still the one of the best books for showing people data and facts for learning how to think about showing people data, how do I communicate data in unintelligible matter Daniel Weisberg’s Google Analytics integrations a great book it is officially endorsed by Google and there again a good Julian and a half analytics books out there but I tend to recommend the ones that were endorsed by Google. Google has endorsed on publicly at events or has in fact just given them to people at events and Daniel Weisberg’s a Google Analytics integrations is one of those. Another one is Avinash Kaushik web analytics to point out now from a technology perspective. This book is pretty far out of date. It’s about nine years old, but the parts that are valuable are the how to think about analytics, how to think about an analytic strategy also very useful stuff that is timeless. How do you think about setting objectives setting out

planning and communication of your data objectives and shameless plug my book marketing blue belt. And then finally, on the blog side of things we have Avinash his blog construct met Andy Cushing’s blog analytics Katie nuggets, which is a fantastic big data and analytics blog. It isn’t advanced blog is one that’s that treadmills going at full speed. So, but it’s a good one to read at least for no other reason than gets

the kiss metrics blog is excellent. Kevin hail storms mine that data blog is excellent. Tom Webster’s blog brand savant excellent and Thomas, one of the most clear thinkers about data analytics and insights in the world, his company’s website Edison research all has a ton of good stuff on their blog. The IBM Big Data hub blog is excellent because it’s it’s a ton of resources again about how do we think about analytics, how do I present this data to people and presumably hopefully if you’re reading this you subscribe to my blog. So that’s the sequence courses for the foundation books for the deep dives into specific topics and then blogs to once a once you’re running you get on one of the many, many treadmills and read. Can you do it in a different order. Yes, I think it’s not as efficient and can be a little bit more confusing, especially if analytics and mathematics and statistics, don’t come naturally to you.

I think the one other thing I would add maybe I’ll add this into the blog post is that in terms of programming languages are software to dig into obviously Google Analytics is the gold standard for basic marketing analytics sense a great starting point. I think after that Watson Analytics will let you bring in different data sets, including Google data and analyze it to understand it better. And then once you really again up to speed and you are comfortable doing all kinds of analysis either move into Watson studio or just jumping right into the programming language are either one of those would be sort of the advanced level analytics. So those those against tools that you can use to help understand and make and practice practical use of these things. So Google Analytics Watson Analytics and then Watson studio or are the programming language, the programming languages for your financial costs. So it was Google Analytics Watson Analytics is like 35 bucks a month and a Watson studios paper using this like three cents an hour or something along those lines. So

answering the question very, very common question Where do you get started learning analytics. That’s where again. Everything that I’ve just talked about all the links are on my blog Christian press. com. So make sure that you hop on over there to get them so that you don’t have to replay the video on that scribble it down. But thanks for watching subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter. Talk to you soon.

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