The Most Important Takeaway from the 2017 Google Analytics Partner Summit

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The Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit, a convocation of over 500 partner agencies from 50 nations, has come and gone again. I love the GACP Summit because it’s a chance for partners to see the roadmap ahead of what Google is planning with its analytics products, a chance to glimpse the near future from one of the defining architects of that future. Much of the Partner Summit is under NDA; forward-looking announcements can create unrealistic expectations or worse, actual liabilities (especially for a publicly traded company).

However, the most important takeaway from the event wasn’t a tool, technology, or announcement. The most important takeaway came from the final keynote panel of the day, via Sr. Director of Product Management Babak Pahlavan.


“What is the reason why Google focuses so heavily on management?” he asked the crowd. Various partners shouted out answers – helping clients, helping customers, improving business. One attendee shouted out, “Making the world a better place!”

While this elicited a chuckle from some of the audience, Pahlavan vigorously agreed with this last comment and elaborated:

“The purpose of analytics, the purpose of measurement, is to make the world a better place. Think about it for a second. When we measure better, what happens? We help businesses, big and small, do better. We help them grow.

What happens when a business grows?

It can pay its people better.

It can hire more people.

It can provide benefits like healthcare.

Growth moves the economy forward. It creates more opportunities for people to improve their lives. Everyone’s standard of life improves with growth. When we are prosperous, we fight less and cooperate more.

So while we may think that we’re just doing analytics or measurement, the why – why we do what we do – is to make the world a better place, and every one of us is doing so in our work together.”

We are all making the world a better place through measurement and analytics. Thank you to the Google Analytics™ team for helping me, 500 other partners, and thousands of professionals do our part to make a better world for all of us.

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