Predictive Marketing Blueprint for Fall 2017

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We’ve reached a critical moment in the calendar year. From the day after Labor Day until the end of the year, marketers – B2B and B2C alike – sprint for the finish line. Marketing programs that throttled budgets down during the summer months roar back to life. Dormant email campaigns awaken. Social media channels resume posting. Ad budgets fill up.

Are you prepared? Do you know exactly when your customers will be searching and buying?

To examine the season ahead, I ran some predictive analytics assessments on three key topics. For B2B marketers, I examined “financial forecast” and “marketing plan” to help us understand when the planning and forecasting process begins in earnest. For B2C marketers, I examined “gift ideas” to help us understand when consumers will be shopping for the holidays. Let’s dig in.

B2B Marketers 2017 Year-End Calendar

Unsurprisingly, the B2B season kicks off in earnest right after Labor Day. Give people a few days to catch up on email and meetings and then we’re off to the races:

B2B Marketers Calendar 2017.png

By the last week of September, every B2B marketing program should be aggressively chasing prospects, and going full bore until the second week of December. Note that financial forecasting tapers off after the first week of October; many companies will be finalizing 2018 budgets by then, so marketing pitches for 2018 budget should take that into consideration. Marketing planning kicks into high gear in early November.

B2C Marketers 2017 Year-End Calendar

Consumers take a bit longer to recover (perhaps financially) from the dog days of summer:

B2C Marketers Calendar 2017.png

During the first couple of weeks in September, take the time to plan and ramp up SEO efforts, before interest surges. Invest in your website, fix known issues, and prepare for the fall.

If you haven’t locked down your public relations holiday campaigns, do so by the fourth week of September. Your PR team/agency will need the time for long-lead pitching.

Whatever consumer influencers are in your stable, use September to prepare them, design incentives, etc. and then launch them in mid-October to capitalize on growing interest in gift ideas.

Right after Halloween, fire up your ad budgets to spend aggressively. Black Friday may or may not impact your business directly, but don’t blow all your budget then; gift idea searches hit maximum velocity the first week of December. Whatever you’ve got left for your 2017 budgets, spend it.

Start Your Engines!

We have our blueprints, our calendars for our fall 2017 marketing. Launch strong, and make 2017 your best season yet.

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