Enterprise Social Media Strategy, Part 1 of 9: Introduction

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Social media is nothing new. It’s been around for almost two decades. However, new practitioners are constantly entering field, and with every new marketing professional comes the risk of repeating the mistakes of the past. The old aphorism, “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” is just as true in marketing as it is in life.

The area new marketers need the most help is overall social media strategy. What does enterprise social media strategy look like?

As I detailed in Marketing Blue Belt, strategy is a formula:

Goals x Methods, limited by time and resources.

Strategy is all about “why”, and “what” to some degree. Why are we doing X? The answer had better be a sensible goal. What will we do to achieve X? The methods should reflect a realistic path to the goals, limited by time and available resources.

What I hear most often is a list of tactics (chosen by dartboard or other random methods) masquerading as strategy. For example, if I ask someone about their social media marketing strategy, I’ve had people give me a bulleted list:

  • Facebook!
  • Twitter!
  • Snapchat!
  • Instagram!

That isn’t a strategy. That’s a list of the things this person knows how to do. They share “how”, and “what” to some degree, but there’s no hint of “why” in their answer. How might a more experienced social media marketer answer with the same general ideas?

“Our strategy is to generate marketing qualified leads using social media with one FTE and $1500 in hard dollars a month”.

This encapsulates why and what, without getting lost in the how. Which channel we use is less important than what we do on that channel, or why we’re doing it in the first place.

Why does mastery of strategy matter? To quote the aphorism:

“Managers make sure everyone gets up the ladder. Leaders make sure the ladder is leaning against the correct wall.”

Tactics and execution won’t matter if the strategy is wrong; getting people up the ladder efficiently is pointless if the ladder isn’t on the right wall. Social media marketers’ top mistake is spending so much time on the tools and platforms that they completely neglect strategy.

In this series, I’ll review the 8C framework for enterprise social media strategy, which is:

enterprise social media strategy.png
  • Clarify
  • Create
  • Choose
  • Connect
  • Coordinate
  • Collaborate
  • Communicate
  • Conclude

We’ll examine each of these points in this series in depth, helping new and veteran marketing practitioners create a solid foundation for social media marketing on any platform, app, or service.

The 8C Enterprise Social Media Strategy Framework

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