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Happy New Year!

Over the holidays, I moved servers to deal with a massive cost increase by my marketing automation provider; the trade-off is that I’ve had to spend more time on systems administration as a consequence. That’s why the newsletter is a day late.

Food for Thought

In this week’s Food for Thought, a consideration. How much of your marketing tech stack do you own? How much do you pay out to various cloud vendors?

As I mentioned at the top of the newsletter, I’ve had to move my newsletter and marketing automation software “in-house” to a self-hosted server for cost reasons. That got me thinking, however, about how dependent the average company is on X SaaS provider for web analytics, marketing automation, and CRM.

What would happen if your favorite providers went out of business? It’s certainly not inconceivable. What’s your backup plan?

I would consider running systems in parallel. Yes, continue to purchase from best-of-breed SaaS providers, but at least become skillful enough in the basics of self-hosting systems that if you absolutely had to, you could run your business on a self-hosted stack for at least a little while.

What systems might these be? Look into:

  • Mautic for marketing automation
  • Piwik analytics for web analytics
  • Sugar CRM for sales CRM

These are the best of the open source, self-hosted ecosystem right now. Are they robust enough to rip and replace your SaaS vendors? Probably not. Are they enough to run your business while you transition to new vendors? Yes. Get to know them.

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Advertisement: Marketing Over Coffee Master Session

Our Master Session is not a conference where you’re going to have an hour or two of learning and two days of shuffling around to keynotes and an feeling like bait on an exhibitor floor. When you leave your 2017 plan will be tied to your web analytics allowing you to benchmark and budget your programs. You’ll have 3 marketing programs selected to test after reviewing 19 categories of demand generation activities. Your strategic plan will be complete and in sync with your customer’s journey by up to 37 activities in 7 categories.

The Marketing Over Coffee Master Planning Session is a small private working session where you can discuss what’s working and get honest feedback on your progress – this is the one for CMOs and key team members.

It’s limited to 10 attendees in non-competing industries. A non-disclosure agreement is required so everyone can put their cards on the table and get personal, in-depth attention to your problems and solutions.

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Advertisement: Build Your Data-Driven Customer Journey

What if you could put together a marketing plan, a strategy, and a budget rooted in reality that gave you the resources you need to succeed?

When you take the Build Your Data-Driven Customer Journey course, you’ll do exactly that. Step by step, we’ll look at the data you have, compare it to the model companies in your industry, and engineer a plan for the future that helps you catch up to your competitors in key marketing channels – then surpass them. You’ll walk through the construction of a data-driven customer journey and emerge with a plan in hand, the resources you’ll need to succeed, and a clear budget to achieve the goals you’ve been given.

When you enroll in my Marketing Planning course, you receive:

  • Three 45-minute video class sessions in HD MP4 format, enhanced to show clicks and keystrokes in the applications for true step-by-step instructions
  • The planning framework Excel spreadsheet so you can slot in your own numbers for an out-of-the-box strategic plan by marketing channel
  • A full electronic textbook detailing all the steps in PDF, MOBI, and Kindle formats so you can follow along without having to watch the video every time.

Build your data-driven 2017 marketing plan now!

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Advertisement: Leading Innovation


One of the most (over)used words in business – yet one of the least understood. Without it, companies stagnate and die. Everyone talks about being innovative. Every company has innovation buried somewhere in its corporate values, mission statement, or corporate vision.

In my book, we’ll discuss how you can build success in your life. We’ll explore the innovation spectrum to benchmark where you are and where you’re going, study ways to implement and scale innovation in any industry, and create long-lasting, high-impact organizational success.

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Upcoming Events

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Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Social Media Marketing World, March, San Diego
  • Demandbase Marketing Innovation Summit, April, San Francisco
  • NATIONAL 101, May, Montreal
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum, October, Boston


Thanks for subscribing and reading this far. I appreciate it. As always, thank you for your support, your attention, and your kindness.

See you next week,

Christopher S. Penn

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