How to measure live video impact on marketing

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One of the questions marketers have struggled with in recent days is how to make all these new video services work to drive business. How do you make Periscope, Blab, Meerkat, etc. generate some actual results? How can we measure the effectiveness of our online video efforts?

First, let’s establish what we want to accomplish in terms of goals. Do you have sales objectives? Lead generation objectives? Awareness and brand objectives? What your goal is determines how you’ll measure.

The simplest way to measure the effectiveness of any channel is through quarantine. Establish unique, distinct methods of contact for every channel in your marketing toolbox, including online video. For example, domain names are still cheap to buy. Considering Periscope? Buy a domain like, and use it exclusively on that channel. Even if you just redirect it, there are ways to push data into services like Google Analytics to track visits to it. Got a call center? Set up dedicated phone numbers to track your video channels.

Next, consider your options for calls to action in video. Simple plugs by the video host with an easily spelled domain name and frequent repetition ensure that people know where to find you.

Consider on-screen advertising. Just because an app doesn’t offer lower third banners or interstitial full screen ads doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Students of theater and TV set design have an arsenal of different ways to put visuals on screen. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from putting your calls to action on a sheet of paper and occasionally panning the camera to it.

Finally, consider all the tactics that made ads successful on television for so many years. Operators may no longer be standing by, but your website, social media channels, and email marketing systems are. Offer compelling content to an audience that’s on target, combined with offers that are relevant and creative content, and you can make any channel work for you.

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