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Join me on Tuesday, April 21 at 2 PM Eastern Time for a webinar about how to use Google Analytics for public relations and communications.

Public relations is notorious for being difficult to measure. That said, it’s not impossible to measure, and tools like Google Analytics can be a powerful ally for understanding the impact of earned media. You’ll learn what Google Analytics can and can’t measure in PR, how it integrates with other measurement solutions, particularly around social media, and where you should get started in your own measurement strategy.

For example, social media has a funnel of its own:


Google Analytics can and does aptly measure part of this funnel, but part of it is outside the scope of what the application can do directly. We’ll talk about what does and doesn’t work out of the box, and if there’s time, we can always discuss

I will also cover the #1 thing people do wrong with Google Analytics in general, how to calculate the ROI of social media, and answer any questions you might have.

Who should attend? You do not have to work in public relations to get benefit out of this webinar. Almost all the ideas are applicable to anyone in marketing and communications. You definitely do not need to work in an agency to gain benefits; if you work in-house, there will be plenty for you.

The webinar will be free of financial cost, but you’ll get email from SHIFT. I can promise there will be no annoying sales guy who will call you every day for two months until you block him on Caller ID, because we don’t have any dedicated sales guys, period.

So click on the annoying button to register now:

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I should add as a disclaimer, in case it’s not obvious, that no one at SHIFT’s creative services team had any part in the creation of that button. I made it intentionally ugly and mildly annoying all on my own.

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