Use Big Data Remarketing in Google AdWords and Analytics

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Here’s a tip about a powerful, under-rated Google Analytics feature, “You’re bad at Big Data”, aka Smart Remarketing lists. Google rolled out this feature to all Google Analytics accounts last year. Smart Remarketing Lists attempts to process massive amounts of conversion data and identify those visitors to your website who are most likely to convert if you were to remarket to them.

This option, relatively unpublicized, is an interesting twist, especially for smaller businesses who don’t have dedicated PPC and Google Analytics analysts to crunch big data for them about massive conversions. That said, I wouldn’t leave this solely in Google’s hands, since there’s limited flexibility to the tool. Instead, what you’ll likely want to do is A/B test your ad spend for a little while.

Here’s where to find it, in the Admin section of the application:


When you go to create a new audience, it’s one of the options:


Simply pick how long of an observation window you want. This should be mapped to your sales cycle, ideally.


Once you’ve got your lists set up, head over to AdWords and start building out your ad campaigns. I recommend you run 2 parallel campaigns with equal budgets, ads, and keywords for both campaigns so that you have a completely fair A/B test and see which performs better, a hand-built list or Smart Remarketing List. Remember that in order for the best outcome, you’ll need to link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account and have goals and goal values already defined.

Try this feature out and see if it works for your business!

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