How to market your podcast, part 4: Twitter tactics for exposure

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Podcasting has found new favor with the marketing world. Marketers are creating podcasts left and right, but are spending so much time on creating it that they forget to market it. This series is for you, so that people listen or watch your new creation.

Posts in the How to Market Your Podcast series:

Interested in a real-life example? Check out my marketing podcast, Marketing Over Coffee!

Today, let’s switch over from the strategic perspective to the tactical, nuts and bolts perspective.

We’ll start with some tactical Twitter tips for getting an episode seen or heard using unpaid and paid methods.

Unpaid Methods

First and foremost, make sure you’ve got your podcast registered with Stitcher Radio. Stitcher has a nice Twitter integration for sharing episodes.

Next, find your most recent episode:


You’ll see the Tweet button. Hit it to get the URL for copying and pasting.

Once you’ve gotten it, you can either Tweet as is, rewrite it, or better yet, include it in scheduled Tweets. It’s a good idea to include some hashtags if you’ve got a specific topic or theme. You’ll note I included #SEO. When you tweet with a Stitcher URL, this nice player is what shows up on Twitter. Note that you can hit Play below and hear the episode right inside the tweet – even embedded on my website:

This is a nice way to show off your most recent episode. It’ll get some views and some plays, depending on how large your Twitter following is and how in tune with your show they are.

Next, go to Twitter search and type in: looking for new podcasts. You’ll see a whole bunch of people asking about new shows:


Look carefully at their requests. For example, in the graphic above, the person asking about podcasts at work might be a good candidate for Marketing Over Coffee, since my show is a work-related show. For the other shows, don’t just blindly reply. Ask if they’re interested in your topic, and if they affirm, only then share your show with them.

If you’re operating on a zero dollar budget, stop here. The above tips will help you grow an organic audience.

Fast Cheap Good

It will not be fast, but it will be cheap, and if you do it with respect, you’ll build a good audience.

Paid Methods

If you don’t have a ton of Twitter followers but you do have some budget, not to worry. Just a few ad dollars can help fix that. Head over to Twitter Analytics at Click on the Tweets button:


Scroll down until you find your most recent episode and then click View Tweet Details:


Now all you need to do is find the Promote Tweet button in the lower left hand corner and hit it:

Tweet_Activity_analytics_for_cspenn 2.jpg

And specify how much you want to spend. The tweet will be promoted to your followers and most important, to people who follow topics you mention in your tweet. Remember the hashtag you put in your tweet? This is how the ad software knows who else to show your tweet to.

Tweet_Activity_analytics_for_cspenn 3.jpg

For $10, you can get some additional engagement with your show and ideally pick up some new listeners. From here, it’s simply a question of how quickly you want to grow and how much budget you have to expend. It’s fast and it’s good, but of course, compared to unpaid methods, it’s not cheap.

However, your show is more than just passive listeners. What if you want to build up the mailing list so that you can reach out when you need to? In the next post in this series, we’ll look at how to beef up the email list.

Posts in the How to Market Your Podcast series:

Interested in a real-life example? Check out my marketing podcast, Marketing Over Coffee!

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