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One of the most popular questions I’m asked is whether Pinterest is right for a particular business. Here are three easy tests to make this determination, assuming you’re not active on Pinterest right now.

1. Check the Find Friends feature.

Find Friends

Assuming you’ve got a Twitter account for your business, see how many people who you’re connected to on Twitter are also on Pinterest. If it’s more than a handful, then Pinterest might be worth trying out.

2. Register your website with Pinterest analytics.


Once you register (it’s free), you’ll be able to see what activity Pinterest is driving to your website even without effort on your part. If it’s more than zero activity, then Pinterest might be worth trying out.

3. Look in Google Analytics.

Audience Overview - Google Analytics

Set up a custom segment to look for traffic coming in from Pinterest.com or the Pinterest short URL, Pin.st. Again, if it’s more than zero, then Pinterest might be worth trying out.

The logic behind these three tests is that if there’s already any amount of activity coming from Pinterest with no effort on your part, then your brand’s audience may be there and doing stuff on your behalf, unasked. Your next step is to get active on Pinterest and see if those few embers and sparks can be fanned into a fire.

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