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Robert Scoble mentioned on Facebook yesterday:

Robert Scoble

I’ve set up lists for myself, but wanted to dig into how to publish mine, so I did some poking around. Here’s a step-by-step for making your own lists. First, scroll down, down, down to the bottom left of the FB interface and find the non-intuitively named Interests:


Hit up Add Interests and choose Create List:

Add Interests

Now go through and pick 5-10 news sources (people or pages) that you want to add to your list. For fun, I made a public list around Blizzard’s game franchises, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo:

Add Interests

Choose Public for the permissions and name it something obvious:

Add Interests

Your list is done. Easy, right? Two additional things to do. First, look at the List Suggestions box to see if you missed any obvious news sources that are related to your list:

Warcraft News

And then, of course, share it.

Note that while Facebook Pages cannot create shareable lists, they can be part of them (add to Interest Lists), so if you’ve got a page you want to promote, an easy marketing hack is to bundle it with similar pages in a list that is shared off your personal profile. You could, for example, make a list called Boston Area Social Media Folks, and then promote and share the public URL to that list.

How else can you use this? If you’ve got a list of employees at a competitor, you can always make a list to keep tabs on what your competitor is doing via the public updates of those employees and share that among your team members (be sure, obviously, to mark it Friends only in permissions). You could publish a select list of your own employees or pages if you wanted to keep the world up to date on what you were up to. Of course, you can and should keep an eye on the lists other people are sharing, too:

Add Interests

It’s a free way to do some Facebook-centric social media monitoring. Give it a try!

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9 responses to “How to make shareable Facebook lists”

  1. Thanks so much for the step-by-step, Chris. I posted a question to Scoble’s discussion yesterday asking what Lists are, if they are the same as Interests (this is not clear from the Facebook interface), but was disappointed to see he appears to have deleted my question. Your post has clarified things–they are the same thing. And I appreciate that you have given some ideas on how to use these, beyond just adding to my reading.

    As always, well done. Cheers!

  2. Sorry I am facing a big problem here in my FB interface because there isn’t any “Add Interests” button option that I hit on. Would you give me a hand ?

    1. Left side-bar when you are in the browser interface–it’s at the bottom. Do you see it?

      1. Yes, thank you so much conniecrosby . Once again nice to meet you and thanks dear

  3. Great blog as usual thanks!

  4. Yes, facebook is the most effective platform for social media marketing. This post will be very effective for the social media marketers to improve their skills which can also be applied to other social sites like Google Plus.

  5. Great ! I didn’t know that although the facebook version has been changed several times.

  6. Wow this was a new thing i learned today , was helpful thanks

  7. Wow!!! Really this post will help me to increasing visitor of my Facebook post share.

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