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A Twitter follower asked me to update a popular past post for 2012 on the best time to tweet.

The fundamental question remains thoroughly flawed, years after it was first asked. There are times of day when people are more in a sharing mood, more in a consuming mood, more in buying mood. And here’s the rub: your audience will be different from “conventional wisdom”. If you blindly accept advice like “Sundays at 2 PM are the best time to tweet” then you’ll generate mediocre results at best and fail outright at worst.

Let me give you an example from my own Twitter audience. I notice that there tend to be more retweets and more shares of my stuff in the mornings. Now, I might just blindly assume that morning is the best time to tweet because people are morning folks, right? So I asked:

Twitter / cspenn: If you're reading this from ...

Here’s what started to come back:

(1) Twitter / Mentions

Surprise, surprise. Folks are reading “morning tweets” late at night, in mid-afternoon, in different parts of the world. When is the best time to tweet? Well, the bottom line is that in a global audience, there isn’t one. If you accept that people’s behaviors differ based on time of day, then if you’re sharing with a global audience; one person’s resharing time is another person’s buying time and is another person’s siesta.

There is no best time to tweet, now more than ever. Focus less on when you’re tweeting, and give your focus to improving what you tweet. The more value you provide, the more helpful you can be, the more people won’t care what time it is – they’ll be following your every word.

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