A week of bringing old content back to life

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One week ago, I shared with you some ideas about how to bring old content back to life and revive long-dormant pages. I then showed through example how to revive those posts using Buffer and Twitter.

Old money sign

For those that follow me on Twitter, the posts each day tagged with the #obg (oldie but goodie) hashtag were the ones I was bringing back to life after cleaning them up a little.

So, how did it work out? On a week over week basis:

  • I saw an overall increase of about 2.3% in traffic to the website.
  • Bounce rate decreased by about 1%.
  • Time on page increased by almost a minute.
  • Returning visitor rate increased by the same 2.3% as overall increase in traffic.
  • Traffic from Twitter was up by about 37%.

Here was the surprising number that leapt out at me, however:

In terms of conversion to new mailing list subscriber (which is the primary call to action), I saw an increase of 51.28%.

Why? Lots of retweets. Resharing oldies but goodies intelligently and methodically brought a host of retweets throughout the week that brought in new people, people who then took action and subscribed to my mailing list.

A week’s worth of data suggests that cleaning and resharing is a worthwhile practice, certainly worthwhile enough to keep experimenting with and testing more. If you’ve been following along, what have your experiences and numbers been like?

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One response to “A week of bringing old content back to life”

  1. Wow! Interesting results. I reshare old posts as well, though it’s not part of such a methodical strategy as was yours (I’m not cleaning them up and putting much thought into timing, just finding what still has value). But this post makes me think I need to take another look at how I share them!

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