Evergreen 5: What 5 blog posts did you miss?

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If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, chances are you’ve got some hits. You’ve got some articles that have performed amazingly well, articles that people have loved, read, shared, and printed out to staple to their bosses’ heads. The blog posts you’ve written that have taken off have given you that sense of pride and happiness that makes blogging worth it to you.

Chances are, you’ve also got some posts that you think should have been hits. Maybe you wrote them on Super Bowl Sunday when people were distracted by a football game. Maybe you wrote them on the day the iPad came out and the buzz from Cupertino drowned out everything else that day or that week. Maybe you wrote them early on before your blog became noteworthy and they’ve languished in obscurity ever since.

Take some time and go back through your analytics data. If you’re using Google Analytics, go to Content > Top Content, set the time range to the history of your blog, then set the view to 500 rows. Create an advanced filter that specifies any page with greater than 5 pageviews, and then look at your content.

Top Content - Google Analytics

Find 5 blog posts on the bottom of the stack, 5 blog posts that are evergreen, that are worth sharing, and bring them back to life. Go back, tighten them up, tune them up, remove stuff from them that’s not relevant any more, and give those posts a second shot at life by featuring them in an Evergreen Five blog post like this one. See if there’s stuff that is just as important now (perhaps even more so) as when you wrote them.

Here are 5 posts that my analytics says you missed that are still relevant:

Feel free to tag yourself or tag others to post an Evergreen Five. Use the #evergreen5 hashtag if you like. Bring back some of what could have been your greatest hits for a second chance!

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2 responses to “Evergreen 5: What 5 blog posts did you miss?”

  1. Great idea. I was just digging around in my bottom blog posts this week. Some yes, were missed because of a conflicting event but some others I noticed were the ones with obscure titles. I think in a Third Tribe seminar someone said that after they posted with a catchy or obscure title then they went back in and added a more search friendly title. I thought that was a good idea too. Thanks again for the idea to rework some content!

  2. […] Christopher S. Penn has thrown out a great idea for bloggers: The Evergreen 5. […]

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