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There’s an old adage that one death is a tragedy but a million deaths is a statistic. One masterpiece on the wall is a study, but a wall full of masterpieces is expensive wallpaper. One diamond is a beauty, but a table full of diamonds obscures the brightness of any one. We lose the ability to discern effectively when we’re swamped.

As it is with life, so it is with new media. When you share a link, it’s useful, worth looking at, worth paying attention to. When you share 129 of them? It’s just so much more noise, even if every one of them is a diamond.

What we value in the information overload age isn’t more information but curation, selection, distillation.

There’s a reason why I do #the5 – it forces me to take a careful look at everything that’s of value in front of me and pick the 5 things among them that are the most valuable. You don’t need #the25 or #the450, and chances are you wouldn’t read it anyway. I wouldn’t.

If you want to be known for something in social media, be known as someone who has the good stuff and who packages it up neatly. You’ll make more short lists of people to be followed than someone just vomiting every shiny object that crosses their desk.

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10 responses to “You can share too much”

  1. I can relate. Noticed that when I shared less, my follower count went up. Funny how that happens

  2. I agree. Caring enough to be succinct and useful to others is too rare.

  3. Mike McArtor Avatar
    Mike McArtor

    An excellent point. My eyes glaze over when my Twitter feed is nothing but links and I try not to contribute to that overload.

  4. Great topic and you are totally right. When I first started sharing content, I thought all that I had to do was find great stuff and share it like crazy… and boy, was I ever wrong. I find that in the marketing/communications world, many people read the same stuff so you won’t get much back from sharing a bunch of the great content because everyone’s seen it. I am still sharing great stuff when I see it but doing it much less. Or sharing but adding something like an opinion or something on top of it.

    Instead, I am sharing interesting and quirky things and getting a much better response.

  5. This is the lesson that we are all learning. Noisy posts to reach your “x” number of tweets per day creates the noisy result – lots of followers and traffic, though it might be irrelevant and not sync’d with your business goals.

    Given the way social media has evolved, it takes courage to adopt the position whereby we post less, but focus on quality. I heard an analysis of the Jay Cutler situation (Chicago Bears) these past few days to be rationalized by saying that “it’s not about quality or accuracy, its just a race to post and be the first”.

    That mindset will slowly change if Twitter and other channels are to continually deserve our time and attention in the future.

  6. Well I simply don’t have the time share and read every damn thing that comes across my view…

  7. When you get past the numbers and fascination of the shiny new object – and ‘slow your roll’ so to speak, you begin to realize, as with all meaningful relationships, it’s about quality. Quality comes with paying attention, being thoughtful, and making every action and moment count.

    Cheers to this post Chris!

  8. Mark, you said it so well I will say “ditto” to everything you said about the post Chris made today.

  9. Mark, you said it so well I will say “ditto” to everything you said about the post Chris made today.

  10. Once again quality over quantity. Streams that are link after link are red flags as there is no interaction with others. These link pushers are showing up but are striking out time and time again. Sure it is nice to have some articles come my way via twitter that I would not have seen otherwise and that is appreciated but getting bombarded with them is pointless as we know we will never read them all.

    Be friendly and talk to people. So worth it.

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