What’s in common? A simple Google Reader heuristic

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What’s in common? A simple Google Reader heuristic

Want to see what happens when you don’t just wantonly add everyone in your address book to your Google Reader shared subscriptions?

Google Reader (1000+)

If you are subscribed to people who share good stuff (presumably respected colleagues and friends), you’ll know when something REALLY important happens because suddenly it’ll be highlighted by many of the folks you trust. One quick load of your Reader shared items and you can visually spot in less than a second what things should top your reading list, like a series of “read this first” signs. The more of your trusted friends who share something, the more you should probably pay attention to it.

This also reinforces the vital lesson in social media that it’s not who follows you but who you follow that can drive a tremendous amount of value.

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One response to “What’s in common? A simple Google Reader heuristic”

  1. When Google Buzz launched I made the conscious decision to rachet down whom I was following back.

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