Almost Timely News, March 12, 2023: Broken Agreements

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Almost Timely News: Broken Agreements (2023-03-12)

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What’s On My Mind: Broken Agreements

Let’s talk about agreements for a moment. Marketers like you and me have had implicit agreements with various technology companies and firms over the years. We’ve had agreements that were more or less mutually beneficial – we do something, we get something in return. For example, we created something of an agreement with Google. In exchange for quality content that satisfies user intent and makes a search engine relevant, the agreement was that we would get customers in return. We make content and adhere to Google’s guidelines, we get visitors to our sites.

We had similar agreements with social media, right? We actively participate in places like Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, and in exchange for our participation, we get to interact with potential customers and win some percentage of them over to becoming our customers.

These agreements have generally worked for the last 25 years to varying degrees. Early on, as technologies debuted, the balance of power was in the hands of the marketer. We had the audience to some degree, and we had the ad dollars to spend; to keep us happy, early technology players sent us a lot of business. Those who were around for the golden years of social media will recall substantial double digit percentages of new traffic and new customers coming from unpaid, organic social media.

Over time, that balance of power has shifted. Companies became dependent on easy, and in most cases, free traffic. Organic search and organic social media powered entire generations of startups, built huge empires from online bookstores to streaming entertainment companies. In some cases, the balance of power has shifted so far in the opposite direction that the balance of power is more or less broken. Ask the average social media manager at the average company how much traffic and how many conversions come from unpaid social media and it’s going to be a tiny fraction of a company’s overall conversion drivers.

Organic search isn’t much better. Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen search engines – Google in particular – gobble up ever-increasing percentages of clicks. Back in 2019, Rand Fishkin and Jumpshot calculated that Google, for the first time, was consuming over 50% of visits for itself with its instant answers.

The evolution of large language models threatens to change that balance of power even further. As companies integrate the usage of large language models into their products, we’ll see more and more forms of search and conversation taken up by machines. For example, Snapchat now offers a chat companion in its app, for paying members, called My AI. We’ve seen LLM-based chat companies like Replika do astonishingly well at offering virtual companionship. And of course, we see Google’s Bard, Bing, and ChatGPT all consuming ever more attention through the use of large language models to provide information and entertainment to people – traffic that never leaves their services.

That raises the critical question for marketers – what do we do when the agreement between us and large technology companies is simply broken? The short answer is that you do the same as with any broken agreement: you either renegotiate, or you walk away. When I mentioned this to the audience this past weekend at Podcamp Philly, a few marketers were understandably concerned. “How will we get new audiences if search is out of the picture and social media isn’t working for us?” was a common sentiment.

How did you earn business in the pre-digital age? How did you earn business before social media? The answers hopefully should be fairly clear: word of mouth marketing, which is timeless, along with advertising, and these days, with influencer and guild marketing. We’ve said for decades now that the best way to market in the macro picture is to pretend services like Google and Facebook didn’t exist. If they weren’t available, how would you do your marketing? What would you do differently?

The reality is that many marketers, especially marketers who are younger and don’t know of the pre-digital era, have become addicted to the relative ease of digital marketing. Marketing where you don’t have to leave your desk has a distinct appeal, and companies love it as well because it scales better and at lower costs. But nothing lasts forever, and no channel, strategy, or tactic ever remains supreme for very long. There is more to the world of marketing than just digital marketing, and there’s more than one way to acquire a customer. That said, in the realm of digital marketing, expect to spend more – on ads, and on squeezing what performance you can from unpaid channels. Plan to pivot to influencer and community-based marketing if you haven’t already. Build and nurture your email list like it’s made of gold, because it almost literally is. And look to where attention is, but marketing isn’t – back in the real world.

The most successful marketers follow the attention of the audience to wherever it flows, without falling in love with any particular channel. You do what works on any given day with your audience. That’s the only guaranteed long-term formula for success – stay with your audience wherever they go.

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