You Ask, I Answer: Getting Hired As a Marketing Analyst?

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You Ask, I Answer: Getting Hired As a Marketing Analyst?

Susan asks, “How do I improve my odds of success in getting hired as a marketing analyst?”

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You Ask, I Answer: Getting Hired As a Marketing Analyst?

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In today’s episode, Susan asks, How do I improve my odds of success and getting hired as a marketing analyst? Well, it depends.

It depends on the hiring manager.

And this is very tricky because a lot of people and this some that my my partner and co founder Katie Robbert talks about a lot.

A lot of people who are in a hiring manager role right now may not necessarily have the best toolkit to hire effectively, they may be hiring based on criteria don’t matter.

But that’s a separate discussion.

You can find out more about that stuff in some of the podcasts over over AI, for improving your odds of getting hired as a marketing analyst.

When someone hires an analyst, they’re generally hiring for one of like, two or three reasons.

One, they need more, more warm bodies, right? They need more hands on deck to process and spit out analysis, right? So how do you communicate that you’re a highly effective analyst that you can take data and turn it into a finished product? Better, faster? Maybe cheaper than others? Right? What are your skills? What are the things that you can do? What are the things you have done? One of the big things people do wrong with hiring, or even with your LinkedIn profile is not enough focus on results, and too much focus on process.

People don’t buy process, they buy results.

When you look at your LinkedIn profile, you’ll see your last position, what results are you communicating about it? I improved processing time 15%, I increased lead generation by 22%.

I added $1.5 million in sales pipeline in my first 60 days, something like that, where a hiring manager goes, oh, this person can get results.

Because the hiring manager really is looking at like three things, right? Is this person going to be more trouble than they’re worth? Right? Am I better off suffering with the staff I have now? Because this person is going to make my life even worse? Or is this president campaign ad life better.

So you’ve got to be able to reassure person that you’re going to help make their life better and not worse, you’re not going to be more troubling with second thing this is this person will get me fired? Hate.

Which kind of is the same as I think more trouble than they’re worth.

But it speaks to, can you deliver results? Right? Can you deliver results that a manager can claim credit for, because that’s how that works.

And three, is, is this person that helped me get promoted, or get a bonus, or something like that? Those are the three, if we’re totally honest, those are the three things running through a hiring manager’s head, I think I make my life worse rather than better, or they’re going to get me fired, or they’re gonna get me a bonus.

And if you can explain and share and showcase your experience, your skills, your knowledge, your affinities and aptitudes.

And connect the dots for that manager so that you can say, Yes, I’m going to be less trouble.

I’m going, I’m not going to make your life worse, I’m going to make your life better, I’m going to make your life so much better that you will get a bonus this year, our department will outperform because you brought me on.

That’s how you improve your odds of success.

Because you are addressing the unspoken needs of that manager that managers wants their problems to go away.

And if you can showcase here’s how I make problems go away.

Your odds of success are substantially higher.

This is not just true for marketing analysts.

This is true for any role in a company from cmo all the way down to intern.

How will you make the hiring managers life better? Right.

And it’s when you get to the interviewing states, those are questions you can ask like, Hey, why are you hiring for this position? And dig into not just the organizational needs, but the personal needs to like, hey, because one of the reasons you’re hiring for this position, because you’re like working till like 9pm every night? Oh, yeah, I can help with that.

Right? I will.

You’ll get to leave work at six instead of nine.

Did you get your butt handed to you by your manager or your by your director? Because results were bad last quarter, I can help you get those better results, right because I can help you find out what went wrong.

So figure out the aptitudes and the skills that you have and how they map to the real needs of the hiring manager.

or and you will improve your odds of success dramatically.

Because you’re speaking to what? What they really want to buy.

They really want to buy fewer problems for them

Christopher Penn 5:11


They really want to buy better results for themselves.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

It’s not easy, but it is that simple.

Good question.

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