Almost Timely News, 27 March 2022: Regulars, Google Analytics 4

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Almost Timely News

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Almost Timely News, 27 March 2022: Regulars, Google Analytics 4

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What’s On My Mind: Do You Know Your Regulars?

How well do you know your regulars?

In marketing, we love to make things unnecessarily fancy. We talk about communities, influencers, marketing automation, lead scoring, purchase propensity – whole mouthfuls of corporate jargon that sanitize and dehumanize ordinary experiences. And yet, if we want to be successful as marketers, we have to understand ordinary experiences.

I was talking with my martial arts teacher, Mark Davis of the Boston Martial Arts Center the other week about businesses that survived the pandemic and businesses that did not. Two factors differentiated the survivors: resilience and agility. Businesses that had healthy margins and a war chest had resilience. They survived the first few weeks or months when everything was completely shut down. However, if their business models were predicated on the way the world used to be, eventually they ran out of money. Only those businesses which had agility, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, were able to continue on.

None of this is news, right? We’ve all read countless articles and case studies about business models that have been successful in the pandemic. But one of the most overlooked factors in these studies and articles is… our customers. In this case, one very specific kind of customer.

We have all sorts of fancy names for finding these customers and doing data analysis on them, techniques like RFM analysis – recency, frequency, and monetary value – but at the end of the day, we all know this customer by heart.

The regular.

When the regular walks into the restaurant, the staff greets us by name. “Hey Chris, your usual table?” and “Hey Chris, the usual?” when the server wanders over. They recognize us, they know us, and as long as we’re decent humans, they like us as much as we like them. We may not be the biggest spenders on a per-transaction basis but we have insane lifetime value because we’re there every week. Maybe even more than once a week.

We are loyal to these businesses as consumers, and in return, we get a level of personalization that other customers do not. These businesses – diners, restaurants, yoga studios, whatever – don’t have or need any special software or marketing technology to know who their regulars are or how to treat them. They know us because of our loyalty to them and what’s ultimately a very human experience.

Why does this matter? As I said, I was talking to my teacher and he said the reason our martial arts school survived when something like 70% of the competing schools in the area didn’t is because of the regulars. Longtime, loyal students who kept paying even as the services changed, as lessons went online for months at a time – that’s what kept the business afloat.

This is the key: not only does the business need agility, so does the customer. And a customer’s agility is directly proportional to their loyalty, to how much of a regular they are. Ask any restaurant that pivoted to online food delivery and takeout during the pandemic what kept them afloat. It wasn’t just changing business models – it was also that their regulars still wanted their food and were willing to change how they got it.

So here’s the question for you: how well do you know your regulars? We all have regulars, even if we don’t have a place like a martial arts school or a restaurant. I have regulars – you’re probably one of them! If you read this newsletter every week, or every other week, you’re a regular. If you listen to my podcasts repeatedly, you’re a regular. If you check out my YouTube channel when I post a new video, you’re a regular – and I thank you for that.

You have regulars. And you as a marketer have the tools to recognize your regulars – marketing automation and CRM software tells us who our regulars are at every stage of the customer journey. The next question we have to ask ourselves is, how do we treat our regulars? You don’t have to do anything fancy – a restaurant simply greets you by name once they get to know you. Maybe every so often you get a free appetizer or something, but it’s just that comfort of being known, being recognized, being appreciated that is most common for businesses who know the value of regulars.

Take a look in your marketing automation and CRM software for who your regulars are – and then start thinking about what you can do to encourage more people to become regulars.

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