Why I Stopped Curating Content on LinkedIn

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Why I Stopped Curating Content on LinkedIn

I’ve stopped curating content on LinkedIn.

Why? After all, isn’t it a best practice to share thought leadership content and provide stuff that’s interesting to keep your audience engaged?

It is. But not when you’re not around to engage with it. In the most recent episode of So What? The Marketing Analytics and Insights Live Show, I walked through four engineering posts and academic papers that LinkedIn has published about how things like People You May Know and the LinkedIn Feed work.

One of the key takeaways for the feed is that LinkedIn divides engagement into two categories: upstream and downstream metrics. Downstream metrics are when your network engages and shares your content – activities downstream from your post. Upstream metrics are when your network’s engagement re-engages you, the creator.

And when I post curated content, I just toss it out there (well, technically Agorapulse does that for me) and then forget about it. My engagement is zero on it, even when someone hits a like on it. And that hurts future posts’ probability of being seen and recommended.

Cleared Agorapulse Queue

Now, does that mean curated content is bad? Is this a practice everyone should adopt? No, of course not. This is appropriate only to me, or to people like me who are not willing to make a substantial time investment in LinkedIn. If you are willing to invest the time to craft posts that curate content AND that you keep an eye on, that you structure for engagement, that you aim for that very low time to first like that the algorithm uses (which we also discuss in the episode), then curated content will do as well as any other form of content on LinkedIn. But that’s the key. I am unwilling right now to make the time for more than a post a day or so, and automating the curation just wasn’t doing it for me – or the LinkedIn newsfeed algorithm.

If LinkedIn is critical to your marketing, to your business, to your personal brand, then you will make different choices about where to invest your time, and you’ll get results commensurate with that willingness to invest. As with all things, in the long run, you get out of something what you put into it.

So, no more content curation for me on LinkedIn. If you do want curated content, you can follow my very noisy Twitter feed if you need it right away, or subscribe to my newsletter if you want just the highlights each Sunday.

Catch the full episode of the show here:

So What? Understanding the LinkedIn Algorithm for Engagement

Can’t see anything? Watch it on YouTube here.

And if you’d like to keep up with what I DO post on LinkedIn, you can follow me there.

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