Almost Timely News, 29 August 2021: Proactive and Reactive Content, Supply Chains, LinkedIn Algorithm

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Almost Timely News: Proactive and Reactive Content, Supply Chains, LinkedIn Algorithm

Almost Timely News

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What’s On My Mind: Reactive and Proactive Content Creation

What kind of content creator are you? I view content creation through one of two lenses, reactive and proactive.

A proactive creator is what we tend to think of when we think of content creation. You sit down at your keyboard or your notepad, the vast, empty expanse before you, and you start creating. You write, you draw, you paint, you compose – where there was nothing, now there is something. Your ideas come through pure, unblemished, exactly as you envisioned in your mind’s eye.

A reactive creator is someone who needs an input to do the same. Someone asks a question. A situation happens at work. A post passes by as you thumb through your feeds on your phone. Whatever it is, like a spark landing in a pile of tinder, once alight, your creative powers engage and content emerges from the ashes.

To be clear, neither type of creator is better than the other. The end product is content, hopefully good. Each is just a different process for getting to the destination. And we can be either kind of creator on any given day. Some days, we’re inspired, other days, we need something to bounce off of. But generally speaking, we tend to have a higher level of comfort with one or the other.

Here’s where this distinction matters: if the content creation situation is a mismatch for your predisposition.

A proactive creator put in a reactive situation is going to be endlessly frustrated. They’ll say, I don’t want to be answering other people’s questions or responding to X influencer’s blog post! Just leave me alone and let me do my thing!. They would find always being reactive, never getting to channel their ideas purely to be incredibly aggravating.

A reactive creator put in a proactive situation is going to be paralyzed by the empty page. They’ll say, What do you mean, just create something? Create what? What does the audience want to know about? What problems are we trying to solve? What’s the angle here? The blank page, with nothing to light that spark, is less a canvas and more a prison.

I lean very heavily towards reactive content creation. I thrive in Q&A, in answering questions, in reading about something that leads me down a rathole of interesting side explorations. It’s where I’m happiest. When I create presentations or trainings for people, I always ask for that spark, that list of questions people have as a jumping off point. I need that mental racquetball match to bring out my best.

Can I create from the blank page? Yes. Is it my best work? Not on the first attempt, no – and possibly never, because that’s not how I work best. Put me on stage in a fireside chat with questions, or give me an hour of presentation time with only 20 minutes of presenting and 40 minutes of Q&A, and I’ll deliver my best work. I know this about myself, and to succeed, I try to put myself in the situations that work for me.

What works for you?

If you, or someone you manage, doesn’t know what kind of creation they’re best at, then you run the risk of languishing in the wrong environment, in the wrong situation. You’re planting a shade-loving plant in direct sun, putting an animal used to noise in deafening silence, creating an environment that stifles instead of supports.

Make sure you know what you are and where you flourish best.

Bonus Thing On My Mind: BDI

Supply chains are going haywire. The third largest port in China, Ningbo, remains closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak. The Panama Canal is closing for two weeks for maintenance. 65% of the US workforce is looking to change jobs. Add this all up and you have supply chain hell, which we see in the Baltic Dry Index, a measure of how much it costs to buy cargo container space on a boat:

BDI chart

What does this mean?

  • If you need things shipped in Q4, ship sooner than later, because who the heck knows when it will get there.
  • As a consumer, do your holiday shopping now. Don’t be the parent who orders a gift the day after Thanksgiving and finds out it won’t be delivered until February.

I bought a snowblower last month. Why? Because when I need it this winter, I’m pretty certain it won’t be available. Stay ahead of supply chain problems – order early and stock up before any crunches hit what you need.

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