You Ask, I Answer: Simple System for Brand Monitoring?

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You Ask, I Answer: Simple System for Brand Monitoring?

Fauzia asks, “I’m looking for an alternative to Google Alerts. What do you use?”

I use a combination of Talkwalker Alerts and Feedly; no alerting service will ever give you 100% coverage, but with alerts set up for a variety of topics and organized in Feedly, you can get reasonable coverage. You get what you pay for.

You Ask, I Answer: Simple System for Brand Monitoring?

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In today’s episode fauzia asks, pronounced, I’m looking for an alternative to Google Alerts, what do you use? So, I use a combination of Talkwalker alerts, which is a free service offered by Talkwalker, full disclosure, their business partner of my company, and Feedly.

And the reason for this is that the the alerting techniques and the alerting notifications, you get for a lot of different alerting services, send an email to your inbox, I don’t need any more email.

And I certainly don’t need it multiple times throughout the day.

And it’s not an easy way to keep things organized.

That’s been the biggest challenge with things like Google Alerts, you just get email alerts of stuff, and you’re like, I don’t want any of this, right.


So use these tools in combination.

Let’s go ahead and flip this around here.

So this is Talkwalker alerts.

One of the most useful things about it is that it allows you to to get things by RSS feed.

So let’s go ahead and I’m going to have an alert here for me, let’s create a new alert.

Let’s do for Trust Insights, or using basic Boolean syntax here.

So the same things, you’d use the Google Alert.

Let’s go ahead and choose news, Twitter, blogs, discussions, in the English language, actually, let’s leave it all languages.

As it happens, all results and create alert.

Now what I’ve done is I’ve turned email off, just down here.

And let’s create one more here.

My business partner.

Same thing here.

Okay, now, that’s a good first step, right, we’ve got feed for me, feed for my business partner feed for a company actually, let’s put it in for more marketing over coffee, while I’m thinking about it.

Our Twitter handle all languages, as it happens, all results.


Each of these has this little icon here, which is an RSS feed.

If you’re not familiar with RSS feeds, they are a way to subscribe to blogs, right? Let’s go over here to Feedly create a new feed and call it monitoring.

Let’s add some content to monitoring.

And I’m gonna copy each one of these links.

Let’s go ahead and merge these two windows here I go.

We’re gonna follow that, you know, monitoring folder.

So let’s put that in the regular monitoring folder.

There we go.

Now we do that again.

Now where this becomes really helpful is if you need to have this broken up by client instead of having just one folder.

for monitoring, you could have a folder for each individual client with multiple alerts for each client.

And one more.


Now we’ve got our monitoring folder set up here.

And I obviously have to wait for it to populate because there’s nothing in that feed yet nothing has happened.

But what will happen is over time, we will have all of our alerts show up like this.

And then instead of having to sift through piles and piles of email, which is no fun, want to be you want to be able to come into one place, go in, check it, see what’s happening, and get in and out and you’re done.

Right or as you know, with a lot of these services like Feedly you can track things, bookmark them, you can send them by email other people You’ve got a team, you can delegate with Feedly, because it authenticates with the Google account, if you have a team gmail account, you can set your monitoring up and have multiple people in there checking things, assigning stuff.

So it’s a very powerful, simple, free solution for putting together some basic monitoring.

Here’s the thing.

With all these services, you get what you pay for.

If you’re paying nothing for it, you can’t be mad if you don’t get great results, you if you want better results, you do have to pull out the credit card and start buying stuff, we use Talkwalker Pro service, you know, again, disclosure, they’re a partner company, but you get many more many better results out of it that way, then you do the free service, the free service is good.

It is good.

But it is not as thorough and as comprehensive as getting paid service, which covers like 40 different sources and things like that.

So if you just don’t have the money, this is a simple system for monitoring stuff.

If you do have the money invest in a heavier duty monitoring service.

The bigger thing is just having a system for checking those alerts however frequently or infrequently, and being able to clear them out or to do something with them.

Again, one of the things that’s handy here is if you wanted to, you could even give access to this feed to a client, right? So you could set up a team with your client, let them go in here and and see what’s happening as well if that was something that they were asking you for.

So that’s the easy version.

Again, I would stay away for anything that sends you more email because the last thing any of us want is more email.

It doesn’t really help.

And the bigger thing is making sure that we’re doing something with the data as we have it.

So it’s not enough to monitor, you got to do something with it, whether it’s providing reporting, things like that, whether it is taking action on stuff.

That’s what you want to be able to, to do to provide additional value.

Your follow up questions on this? Let me know, leave a comment in the box below.

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