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You Ask, I Answer: How to Set Up Virtual Lessons With YouTube?

Mark asks, “How do I set up virtual lessons on video with YouTube for paying customers of my company?”

The simplest way to do this is with YouTube unlisted videos and your email list. Please share this video with any small business owner who isn’t sure how to get started with virtual lessons – it uses only your smartphone, YouTube, and your email list, so it’s free and straightforward.

You Ask, I Answer: How to Set Up Virtual Lessons With YouTube?

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In today’s episode, Marc asks, How do I set up virtual lessons on video with YouTube for paying customers my company.

So the simplest way to do this is with YouTube’s unlisted videos and your email list, you shoot a video, and then you look to YouTube, you keep it unlisted instead of public and then just email out the link.

So let’s look at how to do this.

First, we’re going to go to our, our mobile phone here.

Right now on mobile phone, we’re going to choose a new video, shoes video.

shoot the video however you like and obviously can take some time to do this and set up proper examples.

Shoot a little video here.

And then once you have the video, edited if you need to.

And now we’re going to fill out the title, the description, and where it says privacy, a tap on privacy and that we’re going To choose C public as unlisted, and then private, I’m going to load that up into YouTube studio, wait for the processing to be done.

And then we’ll put your phone down.

And we’re going to switch over to YouTube on the desktop.

So let’s go to YouTube on the desktop, go to Studio youtube.com.

And here, just click on your videos.

Now for your videos for your uploads, they should appear right inside.

There we see the lesson from March 17th.

Just go ahead and click on this and click on the view on YouTube.

Make sure that it’s okay that it’s working right.

Yep, there’s our example.

I’m going to copy that URL.


In whatever email software you use, whether it’s just a simple mailing lists inside of like your Gmail, whether it’s your marketing, automation system, MailChimp whatever go to Your new mail, I choose your recipients and do something like this.

Paste in that URL, and then send that email to whoever is a paying customer of your company.

This way, you’re keeping the overhead really low, right? You’re using one of the most scalable video providers in the world that can handle massive, massive demand.

And it’s required requires very little overhead on the part of you to use other than just your phone and your desktop computer to load up the lessons.

Now, when you’re done with these, just leave them there.

And what you could do if you wanted to is depending on how the lessons go and how comfortable you are with shooting video and then putting up on line, you could bundle these up and use them later on, reuse them for, you know, DVDs or subscriptions on demand and things like that.

So give some thought to how you’re going into video, the lessons and things like that.

Now, there’s a whole bunch of additional things you could do, you know, microphones and lighting and stuff.

But for the average person who just wants to film you know, their yoga lesson, their cooking lesson, their martial arts lesson, their music lesson, this is a great way to do it, because it requires very little other than the phone and the end the YouTube infrastructure, I would suggest, you know, Amazon is still one of the better sources just get yourself like a super inexpensive little tabletop tripod or something.

Just so the video is not super shaky, and you can just position at once turn on the recording, and then do whatever the lesson is, you don’t have to think about fiddling with it.

But other than this, this is The probably the most bare bones way to get online lessons rolling for your business in a way that students can interact with it.

You can as you saw go live if you want to to write on your YouTube channel, but there’s no way to go live in an unlisted way it has to be public.

So as long as you’re okay with it being public, that’s fine.

If you want to restrict it just to paying customers go the unlisted video route.

That’s the best way to do that.

So in short, video, the lesson on YouTube loaded on YouTube, and then go ahead and copy the link from YouTube.

Once it’s done processing and email it out to your list.

That’s the easiest way to do online lessons for the average small business.

If your follow up questions, leave them in the comments box below.

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I’ll talk to you soon take care.

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