You Ask, I Answer: Best Performing Instagram Post Type?

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You Ask, I Answer: Best Performing Instagram Post Type?

Abi asks, “Question regarding multi-photo Instagram posts! Do they perform better than static posts?”

Here’s the latest research from Trust Insights, which is about a month old. Caution: don’t choose a content type based on performance. Choose a content type based on what shows off your content best.

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You Ask, I Answer: Best Performing Instagram Post Type?

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In today’s episode, Abby asks question regarding multi photo Instagram posts called albums or carousels, do they perform better than static posts? Well, there’s an easy way to get this answer.

This is something that Facebook actually provides data for through its crowd technical software and a Trust Insights.

We use that software for pretty much everything related to Facebook.

So let’s, let’s just bring this lovely thing up here for the year to date, January one to about September one.

This is 4118 brand accounts, so not influencers, not individuals, but companies.

carousels garnered the largest engagement point five 6% average of his arithmetic means so not medians.

Photos point four 9% videos point two 8% and Instagram TV point two 6%.

So those are the numbers.

The reason we use arithmetic mean is that normally I would prefer to use medium.

But so many companies are so bad at social media marketing that the media is more often than not end up being zeros, right the median being this no engagement at all which makes any kind of analysis too difficult.

The average like rate, carousels point five, six photos point four eight videos point two seven Instagram TV point two five average comment rate is pretty much almost zero.

And this is on a total of 1,386,132 posts across all these different categories.

So that’s what’s getting average performance on Instagram.

Now there’s a way to, which we haven’t done here with this way to splice this out so that you can see it by groupings, either core tiles or invest aisles and stuff like that.

Didn’t do this.

So this is one of the very top level view.

Be careful when you’re using statistics like this to benchmark your performance.

And also to decide what content strategy you’re pursuing just because carousels tend to perform better.

It’s not heads and shoulders better like you must do this or else.

It’s really is neck and neck with photos.

And I did not run a test of statistical significance on this, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s fairly close.

When you’re setting Instagram content, strategy or any social media strategy, build your strategy around what’s best for your content, not what the average social media Mark scene for performance.

The reason for this is pretty simple.

You know your content and you know, the format that performs best in terms of the way people want to see it.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent a carousels a brilliant idea, right? a castle or a video walkthrough of your property is a no brainer, almost right? If you’re an artist, you might want to have individual posts showing individual pieces rather than sort of how the although the analogy of one diamond, the spectacular pile of diamonds all over a table is not all that impressive, right? That individual diamond loses its specialist.

So make sure that you are focusing on the the content that fits the way you want someone to receive it as being much more important than What what the average marketer does, especially becausethe average the average corporate marketer, or brand marketer isn’t all that great at what they do.I follow a bunch of brands that I’ve met at different conferences and trade shows on Instagram.

And I’ve only seen one example of this all if I think back to all the ads, I’ve seen all the content I’ve seen, there’s literally one campaign that I remember.

And everything else is like, yeah, I’m sure they put an ad up or a piece of content up I can’t remember it.

So average, literally means both the numerical and also the description of the of the quality of the content, which is what in Google Search guidelines they call nothing wrong.

But nothing special.

You do not want to be on the category in social media marketing and SEO in any kind of marketing.

So please make sure that you pick content, that content format that fits the way that you want to use if that’s that’s the most important thing, but those are the numbers.

That will be more numbers in an upcoming issue of the Trust Insights, newsletters, if you’re not subscribed, go over to Trust slash newsletter, and you can get the weekly newsletter republished there on Wednesdays that has a good chunk of data every week.

What’s doing well out there, we’ll have some will update some Instagram numbers for you in an upcoming issue soon.

As always, please subscribe to the newsletter and the YouTube channel here below.

And if you have any comments, leave them in the comments box.

Thanks for watching.

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